Monday, 25 April 2016

Sleek VIP Lipstick Collection

Hey Guys! 

So last month I entered a Boot's UK competition in partnership with Sleek Make Up called "Very Important Pout" (VIP). The prize was the entire Sleek VIP Lipstick collection! You had to upload a picture on Instagram showing your "Best VIP Pout" 
No prizes for guessing who won ;) 
So the lipsticks have arrived and here are what the colours look like against my skin: 

These colours are SUPER BRIGHT! If you apply them directly onto the lip as a normal lipstick, the colours come out thick and fast! They really pop and can make a statement, especially paired with a complimentary outfit. So far, I have used the colours sparingly to create a more subtle look. Although, once summer kicks is, I can imagine I will be wearing the bright shades more often. 
Have you tried these lipsticks? Let me know which is your favourite in the comments below or via Twitter @ebonidixon

Eb x