Sunday, 21 May 2017

#DISNEYXMAC Masterclass!

Hey Guys,

I was recently contacted by The Corner Shop PR team to join Disney and MAC Cosmetics on stage in London's West End for a masterclass I will never forget!
Here are some images from the day and a lil more about what we got up to!
Don't forget, I have a YouTube channel where I upload vlogs and all sorts! I vlogged this event and it is now live! I will link it at the bottom of this post :)
Let's go!....

 (© Disney)

We met on-stage at Aladdin the Musical. There were 4 make-up stations, each with 2 actors from each of the Disney West End shows (Aladdin and The Lion King). 

 (© Disney)

On one of the actors, an MUA would be creating the genuine character look from the show. The other actor had a look inspired by the character next to them- a more subtle look using inspiration from the colours of the character. 

 (© Disney)

 (© Disney)

We all gathered to watch the Genie from Aladdin be covered in tons of glitter! They have to use a lot so it can be seen from all of the seats- including the once right up at the back!

 (© Disney)

Next, we all head to Polpo - Ape and Bird for a huge brunch!

Not only was the food fantastic, but the decor was so cool too! We couldn't resist stopping for a mini photoshoot! :p

After all that yummy food, we set off for the show!! Aladdin was absolutely fantastic! Full of colour, vibrance, music, magic and a lil mayhem! 

 (© Disney)

The Genie, played by Trevor Dion Nicholas, really stood out. The dancing was fantastic and at the interval I almost cried because I didn't want a break! 

 (© Disney)

If you are heading to London and thinking of seeing a West End show, I'd deffo recommend Aladdin! If you liked the movie, you'll LOVE the show!

And if you do go and see the show, you could try recreating some of the make-up looks yourself with MAC products! 

Thank you to everyone at Corner Shop PR, MAC and Disney for such a wonderful day! 

Here is the link to my vlog:

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