Illamasqua Make Up HAUL!

So just over a year ago, I was invited to be a make-up model for Illamasqua’s Make
Up Academy classes. In return for my time, Illamasqua send 4 or 5 products of my choice per day! This means that I have been left with a fair amount of Illamasqua products to play with, which is great!

If you haven’t heard of Illamasqua, here is their website:

I would compare them to MAC. This is because I feel they are a high end make up brand with prices and packaging that matches MAC. They are also a brand that is used by make-up artists for commercial purposes. Illamasqua is a little different from MAC in regards to their branding and advertising. The bright and brilliant colours they use are very loud and could appeal to more quirky people. Their in-store workers and models often feature piercings and tattoo’s which really stands out and sets them apart from other more glam and girly companies.

Ok, now on to the product HAUL!!! After working as a model three times, I have started quite the Illamasqua collection!

I will talk through a few of my favs and leave some images below 

1.       Hydra Veil Primer

This primer is like a cold gel and really satisfying to apply. It feels as the name suggests- really hydrating! The Illamasqua make-up artist I had told me that he sometimes keeps some in his fridge so when he feels hungover some mornings, he can put it on and feel refreshed! Haha, not tried this yet myself but it sounds legit.

Foundation really sits well on top of this primer and really taught me the importance of a good primer!

2.       Skin Base Foundation – 5.5

This Foundation is incredible! I have never used a high end foundation before and it really does make all the difference! It has great coverage and I find is best applied with the fingers in dabs and dots, then blended with the Illamasqua contour brush.

3.       Concealer – Medium 1

This Concealer is very dense and can be built up into maximum coverage. There is not a lot in the pot so I guess with regular use, can probably run out quickly. However, I only use it for those really big red spots that just pop up a couple times a month. I wouldn’t use this one under my eyes as it is shade medium which would be too dark, but I’m guessing perhaps a lighter shade would work well.

4.       Brow Gel- Stare

This brow gel saved me! I was using crappy pencils until I discovered brow gel! I went for a shade darker than perhaps I should of, but I don’t apply it heavily and find it defines my brow and lifts my face more than the shade lighter; which is more of a shade for blondes. I apply the gel with the Illamasqua angled brush which I find works well for me. I use a Rimmel eyebrow pencil first to achieve the basic shape, then go over the top with the gel. The gel lasts a lot longer than pencil as it doesn’t rub off so easily! It also looks more natural.

5.       Dry Contour Palette

This contour palette is really great for contour beginners. I find the contour brush works well with the kit. The kit contains two powders. The shading tone and the highlight tone. I use the deep shade for cheekbones and nose definition, and the highlight for cheekbones, under eyebrows, on the bridge of my nose and lightly on the forehead, cupids bow and chin. A bronzer would be better for a general dust over as the shading tone is matte and neutral.
The best thing about this palette is that it could be used lightly for a natural daytime look, but also built up for an defined evening look.

6.       Loose Powder

My final must-have product would be the loose powder. I think it is really important to set your make up in place once you have finished. This luminous, colourless powder works well with the Illamasqua powder brush to keep all your hard work in place. It helps the make-up last longer throughout the day.

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