Loft Haul

Disclaimer: No, “Loft” isn’t a hip, new, trendy clothes store or beauty brand! I’m literally talking about my loft!

Hi guys,

So, last weekend I helped my mum go through old boxes of my childhood belongings, so she could throw away stuff we don’t want and put the rest into storage.
Although I didn’t manage to find secret treasure map or have a ‘Goonies’- style adventure, this turned out to be the best vintage shopping trip EVER! I found some amazing things that I, or my mum, used to own. And the best part; it was all freeeee!!

From Spice Girls to scents, this post covers my top 5 finds.


1. Spice Girls Merchandise 

 This was one of my most exciting finds! I was a HUGE Spice Girls fan throughout my childhood. And my mum clearly had no problem feeding my obsession! This is probably 10% of all the Spice-things I owned. From bed sheets and wallpaper, to make up kits and t shirts; I had it all! I even found a load of unused party things like paper plates and bunting (that’s my 25th birthday sorted!) These little bits are so cute and I feel like I can use them even now.

2.Disney Land photo viewer

This was probably my most nostalgic find. I am IN LOVE with Disney Land. Some of my best memories as a child are surrounded by Disney. My mum first surprised me with the trip when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I loved it so much and I enjoy it just as much now (the last time I went was 2014!)
This viewer works by inserting a piece of card that has some film negatives on the ends. You hold it up to a light source like binoculars and each photo becomes really clear, with a 3D-type feel. The two bits of card I have show aspects of the Disney Parade from the 90s, and some images of the Disney Land ground, Small world ride and Alice’s Labyrinth. I would love to get my hands on some more of the cards!

3. Mickey Mouse Watch

Keeping with the Disney theme, I found this cute little Mickey Mouse watch! The funny thing is, I was recently searching the realms of Ebay for one of these! My mum replaced the battery, I replaced the strap and it is good to go! I think this vintage piece would be worth a lot today and I’m sure I am the envy of all the Brick Lane vintage trawlers!

4. Clock Rings

These 80s style rings once belonged to my mum, but as a kid I remember playing with these like costume jewellery. They remind me of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air-style era, and I can see myself rocking them with my vintage acid wash denim jacket.

5. Perfumes

Ex boyfriend presents, gap year smells, these perfumes date back to circa 2011. I found a nearly full bottle of Beyonce’s “Rise” from my first boyfriend for my 2012 birthday, a nearly empty bottle of Britney Spears “Curious” (we all had that phase right girls?) and my first ever perfume; Burberry Touch, a birthday present from my friend Jasmine from 2007/8!!
Anyway, they have all been added to the collection and shall no doubt reprise their roles and bring up some sweet (and sour) memories of my adolescence.

I hope you enjoyed rummaging around my loft with me! I would say, before you head down to your local vintage/thrift/charity shop, do a little digging under your own (or your parents) roof! You never know what treasure you could uncover!

Peace out for now,
Eb x

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