THAT Pink Coat!

So until recently, I was fairly un-experimental when it came to clothing colours. I had my palette (black, burgundy, brown and deep shades) which I tended to stick to. But lately, I was inspired by a fellow blogger and decided to venture into the world of PINK! This, for me, was pretty ambitious. I spotted this wool coat in Primark Hammersmith on sale at £10 (BARGAIN FIND!) so I picked it up along with a white high- neck jumper that I thought might look good underneath.  Since purchasing, I have worn this coat 90% of the time! It’s great for this London weather at the mo as it is woolly and warm and the colour stands out in crowds against the grey landscape! I feel super girly, confident and feel that it brightens my day a little. What an amazing thing a simple new coat can do!

I would definitely say that if there’s any colour you usually avoid or aren’t sure about wearing, just go for it! Don’t spend too much, but get a little experimental. And who knows, you may find your 2016 shade!


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