L.A.B2 Brush Review*

"A professional set of 4 essential brushes, designed for  flawless, high-definition makeup application."

Contour Brush – "sculpts, contours, and highlights facial features for subtle definition". This brush has a really great bristle angle. It created precise lines on cheeks and held more product than my other similar brush. The bristles are super soft and feel great against my face.

Buffing Brush – "provides full-coverage powder application and softens harsh lines for an airbrushed effect." Great for blending in any harsh lines left by contouring. Thick brush head, full of bristles! Again, super soft.

Sponge Applicator- LOVE!! I use it after soaking in water and wiping excess. The sponge doesn't soak up any product and helps to blend foundation and concealer well. Also feels SUPER soft!

Eyeshadow Brush- "shades and defines eyes with an even application of color". SUPER soft!!! After using this L.A.B2 eyeshadow brush, I realised I had been using the wrong brush for a while! Eyes are delicate and sensitive, you need a soft brush that can also get in the creases and blend colours together. This L.A.B2 brush is perfect as a basic eyeshadow brush that won’t be harsh on your delicate eyelids.

Foundation Brush- "provides a smooth, streak-free coverage with liquid foundation or concealer."
The brush head is a lot smaller than you would expect from a foundation brush. I haven’t used this one yet as I am enjoying blending in my foundation with the sponge applicator.


·        All brush bristles are SUPER soft!
·        Soft, easy to hold handles
·        Precise application
·        Great choice of staple brushes in the “Pro Brush Kit” for people needing to replace their basic set or new MUA’s.

L.A.B2 also have a page on their website dedicated to video tutorials! So if you're like me and love a good video make up tutorial, definitely check it out!

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