Michael McIntyre's BIG SHOW!

Hi Guys!

So this Sunday 6th March, my best friend Naomi and I headed into the heart of London 's West End to watch the TV taping of Michael McIntyre's "Big Show". I don't know what we were expecting, but needless to say, we got ALOT of fun, entertainment and laughs! See for yourself...

2pm- We met at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane to collect our tickets. I got them for free on ApplauseStore.com and we were even priority tickets, which meant we skipped a lot of the queue XD 

3pm- After collecting our tickets (we got Stalls seats right in the middle! Woo) we were told to come back at 6.30pm for a 7pm show! So only one thing to do.... SHOPPING AND FOOD!! 

We head into Covent Garden and looked in Apple Store, Body Shop, Kiko and M•A•C! Naomi bought a new Mac lipstick which was a subtle nude everyday-wear type shade as a little treat for getting into Art College! 

We had a walk down Neale Street and popped into Cath Kidston and a really cool shop called Skinny Dip London! I swear, do not go into that shop with no money! EVERYTHING is so cool! Such a good shop for gifts too! If you sign up to their mailing list, you get £5 off online. Check it out! 

Next stop- FOOD! We head to the end of Neale street to eat at "The Diner". An american style restaurant that serves burgers, hot dogs and shakes etc. We were sat in a booth by the bar which was a good spot. I ordered a hamburger and water, Naomi got a hotdog with fries and a ginger beer. It was really yummy! After our food, we shared an Oreo milkshake which tasted really good but wasn't as thick as I usually like in my ice-cream milkshakes.


We took our seats 45 minutes before the show started, so had plenty of time to settle down. They were right in the middle of the lowest seating tier; The Stalls. A comedian warmup-act opened with a few rules and tips about cheering and laughing (and not swearing!) We even managed to be filmed a couple of times, so we might be on tele! 
The show was great, Michael was hilarious as always, I was even crying a little bit! We saw him prank Dragon's Den's Peter, and Rod Stewart performed. The final act was Jess Glynne! Was not expecting that at all! She sang twice and we had a little dance :D 

Pheww, we got out at 10:20pm after a huuggee show! 

What a fun Sunday!! 


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