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Hey Guys!

Here are a few of my latest fashion finds. There are a lot of BARGAIN FINDS in this post!
Let me know which is your fav!

  1. H&M Mustard Top
This is a colour I have NEVER owned before! I saw this top in H&M, Camden and it jumped out at me (not literally, obvs ;)
I tried it on and loved it instantly. When I wear it, people often comment on how much the colour suits me. I think it's a colour that would look great on brunettes! (£7.99)
2. XOXO set
I came across this set while looking for a more affordable alternative to the recently popular Calvin Klein sets. I found these in TK Maxx Lewisham and love it! This is a great purchase if you are unsure whether the Calvin’s will suit you/ if you will like them on, without spending £40+. The briefs came in a pack of two (with some matching blue) at £3.99 and the sports bra was £10.99 (although I wouldn’t recommend wearing the bra as an actual sports bra as it doesn’t have much support!

3. Black Boots
I hope you’re holding onto your socks, because I may be about to blow them off! So these cute, on trend, black, leather boots are another of my Primark BARGAIN FINDS! I love the style of these, and although they may be a little too “winter” for the current Spring season, I think they will work well in this ‘in-betweeny’ weather and are so classic, that they should be wearable next year too. I also think I will get a lot of wear out of them as the heel is so low and ‘everyday’.  Ok, socks ready?
These beauties were £5! I love that moment at the till when you ask to price check an item and they end up being really cheap! There have been many Primark cashiers who have been astonished by my bargain baskets!
4. Scented Candles
Always stocking the collection. These were right by the tills and just too tempting! I love a good scented candle. Home smells are really important to me. The only problem I have with these small Primark candles, is that they burn out far too quickly. They smell great though! And at £1 each, why not eh!?

 5. Pink Bag
Ok so I was browsing through Primark Tottenham Court Road (Oxford Street East) and came across a load of these bags all reduced to £4.50. It turned out that these were all reduced due to some slight cosmetic damage. However, I could tell from looking at it that I could definitely give the outside a little wash at home to restore. And I did! The scuffs have completely gone and I love the pinky/nude colour! Great Spring addition!

6. White Jumper
This is a simple crew-neck white jumper from H&M Camden (£4 on sale). I love a good white jumper. Especially in this weather! You can feel bright and spring-y while also staying warm!
7. Stripe top and socks
Stripes, stripes, stripes! These two came from Primark Tottenham court road. The socks (£1 on sale) originally came with a frilly boarder that I hated and removed asap! The top (£4) is great paired with some light jeans but I will also pair it underneath something like dungarees or a pinafore dress.

8. Spice Girls Backpack

OK, so technically this isn’t a recent ‘purchase’, but more like a find! I found this amongst all my six-year-old-me stuff recently. I love it!  

Eb x

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