Hey Guys,

I am LOVING using Snapchat at the moment! I am currently following my closest friends, some celebrities and lots of bloggers and vloggers.
I love having a little snoop and getting a glimpse into people's lives in a weird voyeristic, non-creepy way! Haha!

But seriously, Snapchat seems to be a great way of connecting with people and showing them all of the sides to your personality, be that all made up and ready to go out, or makeup-less just out of bed! It reminds me (in this glamour-filled blogging world) that we are ALL normal and have days for craziness and days to be thoughtful.
It's also a really cool intro into vlogging (something I love watching and the idea of doing). 

Today, I made a super long "How-to" Snapchat as I baked a Lemon Sponge Cake! It was really fun to make and I gave a step by step guide, as well as some top secret hints and tips! Depending on when you are reading this, it may still be up! If not, I am certain I will be doing very similar snaps in the near and distant future!

So what are you waiting for? Get adding!!

Let me know if you added me/if you are enjoying the snaps via Twitter.

Eb x

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  1. I love using snapchat, I always feel a sense of inspiration, as everyone is progressing in their fields of expertise. But I find it always feels weird just talking to the camera. I'm trying to improve that, as one day I want to start my own YouTube channel, in addition to blogging. Add me girl: @musicgeekonline :) xx

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