Blogger's Hangout Tea Party

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Today’s post is a roundup of my time at the:

Blogger's Hangout Tea Party!

On Monday 4th April 2016, I headed into London with my friends Aaron and Sile to the Pop Up Patio on Finsbury square for my second BH event.

We arrived promptly at the start of the event and were surprised at how many Bloggers were already there! The cosy location played home to about 11 food brands who were all there to interact with Bloggers and allow us to sample some of their products.

My favourite brands:

 ​​“Chika’s”- I was initially attracted to the Chika’s stand by the plantain chips I could see! Being half Jamaican means I have grown up with a huggee love of plantain, but it is something I rarely see being sold commercially. I loved that this commercial brand had tasty plantain chips as part of their product line! The girls were super friendly and let us try a few of their nuts ;) The black pepper cashews were really yummy, but my heart continues to belong to the plantain chip! They even had a chilli version of the plantain if you like a bit of spice! Their cards say that the brand featured on Dragon’s Den (COOL!) and their products can be found currently in Waitrose and Ocado. I thought that these little snack bags would easily fit in behind a bar, especially at a west end theatre.


“The Cocoa Den”- The Cocoa Den was the only chocolate stand at the tea party, so needless to say, it was packed! Once we finally penetrated the popular stall, we were met by some carefully carved, unusual chocolate sculptures. There were a couple of skulls plus some cute mini pineapples and a –not- so- cute fist showing a middle finger! There was also a plate set up with lots of little chocolate bon bons in 5 different flavours. I tried a pretzel one which was AMAZING! Think; Lindt chocolate balls but with more adventurous flavours! It was cheeky, however I couldn’t help but take a few away with me! After speaking to Kate, I found out that she offers chocolate making workshops which sounded like such a fun idea! It sounds like something to do for a fun, quirky date idea, or something to take a young sibling to or maybe even a fun hen night activity!
Also, if you have any ideas for something unusual Kate could make out of chocolate, tweet her and she will try the best ones!



“Just Bee Honey Water”- This was probably my favourite stall of the day. Not only was the product
super tasty, but the reps Joe and Corinna were so lovely and fun to talk to. I found out that there is only one drop of honey in these drinks, so it is mainly just spring water (healthy much!?) There are three flavours; Blueberry, Apple & Ginger and Lemon & Green Tea. My fav was the Lemon and Green Tea. They have also just had a complete re brand of the packaging, so now boast a really fresh, modern carton that would fit in well on any supermarket shelf.
Yet there’s more: not only is the Just Bee Honey water super tasty and healthy, but they are also ethical. The company donates 10% of all its profits to Friends of the Honey Bee charity. They also provide free wildflower seeds to anyone who requests via their website (my mum is already in the process of planting them!)



Jake’s Boost”- Another wonderfully ethical company who donate profits to charity. Jake’s Boost is an all natural nut and seed butter. Think; a tasty alternative to full fatty peanut butter. The butter itself is made from 10 different nuts and seeds and contains no palm oil, sugar, salt or dairy!
I tried the nut and seed butter on some of the dried apple which was sweet and moorish due to the taste and texture, yet also felt healthy.
Best of all, 5% of all profits from the snack packs go to help fight child food poverty in the UK.


Snact Fruit Jerky”- This is a really fun company who create two flavours of dried fruit jerky. The Apple & Raspberry and Apple & Mango flavours are created by making fruit smoothies, spreading the smoothie flat and then freeze drying and cutting into bite-sized pieces. The result is a sweet, healthy snack with a fruity flavour. These are great for people like me who have a mild dislike (phobia...) of dried fruit textures such as raisins and prunes. This product is a lot smoother and softer than general wrinkly dried fruit, and definitely appealed to me a lot more.
The snack also comes in a really handy grab bag. The company also have new flavours coming soon! How exciting!


I had a really lovely time meeting all the brands and finding out about each product and even having a little taste! To be honest, it was a room full of food, what could I not love!? haha
A huge thank you to The Blogger’s Hangout for hosting such a fab event. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Eb x

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