Cities I’ve Visited (Part 1)

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So this post naturally follows on from my last travel post “Countries I’ve Lived In”. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, here is a link. 
So here is a roundup of the cities I have visited for a holiday or just a city break. Enjoy!

1.      Switzerland (2 cities)
I have been to Switzerland twice, both at a young age. The first trip was a skiing break with school. It was here I found out skiing really isnt for me... :/ I do remember some excellent chocolate, cosy log cabins and breathtaking mountains! The second time was with the Girl Guides. I was enrolled as an official Girl Guide at "Our Chalet".  It was a lovely ceremony on the side of a mountain. I remember we went for a few really cool hikes. It was amazing weather and I caught a great tan whilst swimming in the hotel pool!

Best Memory: Swimming in the hotel pool overlooking the mountains.

2.      Paris

Parie Parie Parie! Paris was one of the first couple of places I had ever visited abroad. Since then I have visited a few times (the reason for 6 out of 7 visits somehow being related to Disney Land! XD ).
So the first two times were when I was a child and my mum took me to Disney Land. Some of my best childhood memories are in Disney Land. It is a magical place for children and adults. When I went in 2013, I was more excited than any of the kids in the park!

No matter how exciting Disney Land can be, you reach that sophisticated age of grown up and long for a more culturally diverse trip (or you just wanna suck down some snails and re-enact the Hunchback of Notre Dame)... either way, the city of Paris is extremely magical and can be the perfect way to spend a long weekend. I have only ever been with gal pals, but I can imagine the city is super romantic.

For my best friend Naomis birthday, we completed all the Parisian cliché’s; I bought some prosecco and we popped it under the Eiffel Tower! We put a love lock on the Ponte   Bridge and posed in front of the Louvre.
I love being a tourist and have created a little tradition for when I am in a new city, I like to take a guided boat tour. I love seeing the city from the river. It is a relaxing and quirky way of exploring the city, especially towards the end of the trip when youre sick of walking around!

I think my next Parisian adventure should be with a boyfriend with a romantic city break and cheeky day trip to Disney Land! ... I just need to get myself one of those boyfriends... Ill keep you updated!

Best Memory: Disney Land with Naomi in 2013-  Getting WAY too excited about the day parade and night fireworks, and getting stuck on the Thunder Mountain ride!

3.      Ayia Napa

I have put Ayia Napa on this list, just because I didnt want to leave anything out. I really dont have much to say about this place except it was a terrible mistake and the biggest waste of money. I went with my ex boyfriend and a couple of his male friends. Basically, we broke up the day we got back! Haha. Needless to say, I am not that kind of party girl! And it is not somewhere to go if you arent single. The end!

Best Memory: The flight home...

4.      Berlin
Berlin was a few days of adventure and culture with my friend Yolanda. We had a really through exploration of the city and even had time for some clubbing! From the Berlin Wall to cocktails for all, Berlin was an interesting trip.
I even managed to find time to vlog while we were there! It was my first experience vlogging so do forgive me! But if you want to check it out, look no further!..

Best Memory: Even though it wasnt uplifting, visiting the Sacssenhousen Concentration Camp was extremely interesting.


So that's the end of part 1! Stay tuned for part two of “Cities I’ve Visited”. Places coming up include Amsterdam, LA and VEGAS! In fact, the Vegas story is probably the craziest travel story I have ever had! I can’t wait to share it!

Eb x

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  1. Love this post, it's such a good idea, I've never considered the cities I've visited if I'm honest, but you've inspired me to list them too! I've not been to Berlin, but I've visited the others, another place to add to my bucket list!
    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane