I Smell Like Taylor Swift!


So if you’re like me, you like to smell good! I have a thing about smells... food smells, smells of places, perfume smells... I know you’re probably thinking “weirdo!” haha, but I think my memory uses smells to remember moments and people. I also think it has a lot to do with my childhood, because my mum used to smoke in the house, everything I had smelt like cigarette smoke L. So I like to know that I smell good... because, well, who wants to smell bad?!

My latest scent is another one of my BARGAIN FINDS! It is Taylor Swift “Wonderstruck”. I first bought this one because a friend was wearing it and it smelt really similar to "Ari" by Ariana Grande (which I couldn’t afford to buy at the time).
So I went for a little look and found it in Savers. It was £10, which I thought was really good for a 50ml eau de parfum. Both “Ari” and “Wonderstruck” are very sweet, girly, daytime scents. As it is an eau de parfum, it lasts for ages and really lingers on clothing. The bottle is really nice too with a charm bracelet feel on a purple, glittery bottle.

Here’s the best bit; I went back about a month later and found it had been reduced to £4.99! So I bought another one! So I’m all stocked up for 2016! Plus, with Valentine’s day coming up, you could treat yourself or a loved one to a whiff of Taylor Swift!

Savers is a great store in general for big brand toiletries at lower prices. I head to savers for stuff like Treseme products, deodorant, facial products and tampons.

If you want to check where your nearest Savers is, here is a link to their website;

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