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I LOVE the look of the SBC Gels range. They are bright, colourful and look great next to each other. I also love the idea that these are branded as ‘gels’, as opposed to creams or lotions. If you are like me and constantly trying new skincare products, this is a great brand to try as it is something a little different.
Here is my round-up of each product;
Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser- I love that you can use this cleanser on a dry face. When reading the bottle, the words “Melts off make-up” really made me love using it, because that’s exactly what it does! It is also super creamy and fairly thick compared to other cleaners. It smells clean and refreshing. I used the SBC Skin Shammy to remove off any excess residue...

Skin Shammy- I had never heard of a ‘Skin Shammy’ before but I love it! The material is soft, making it perfect to use on my face with the SBC cleanser. It is also easy to clean and great for the environment as I am not using as many cotton pads as would usually.

Vitamin ACE Day/Night Cream- This was the first SBC product I tried, and I love it! The bursting beads are unusual and great! I use it mainly before bed to allow it to work overnight and leave me with a balanced, moisturised face in the morning. The only thing I would say about this product is that I don’t love the smell. It kind of reminds me of a heavy, oaty breakfast smell. I wish it had a refreshing scent like the Grapefruit and Ginger body wash, however, this is a minor personal compromise considering the results are fab!

Collagen Skincare Gel- This pink bottle is super fresh and pretty! The product is light and moisturising without being oily. I like to use this gel in the day and night on my face. I don’t think I will use this product for my body as suggested as it will be better used on my face!

Propolis Skincare Gel- This gel is similar to the Collagen one. I have used Mankuna Honey creams before, but never a gel. I really love the smell and texture of this product. It is naturally cooling and seems to work well calming irritated skin. The Propolis and the Collagen gel are really great to use just underneath your day/night cream. I have noticed an improvement in the dry spots on my face (corners of nose and mouth) since using these gels.

Grapefruit and Ginger Body Wash- This wash smells amazing and is really refreshing! The beads are not too abrasive and work well as an every-other day body wash. I have been using this one sparingly as I only have a small bottle and I love it so much!

All the products I have mentioned can be found on the SBC Website. 

Eb x

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