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I came across The Curl Company at a Blogger event in March. They were so generous and gifted me with their entire range of products for dry/damaged hair. 

First of all, the entire Curl Company range smells fantastic! I am very particular with hair products smelling great as I like my hair to smell nice even though I don’t wash my hair every day. The packaging of all the products is also very attractive and girly. I love the metallic hot pink against the white, and that all the bottles match. Here is my round-up of 
each product in the range;

Hair Mask- I love a good hair mask. I find my hair really benefits from this once a week or two weeks. The Curl Company mask is great for curly hair as it nourishes and understands how dry curls can get! I would use this mask on and off with an oil-based mask. As my hair is of mixed heritage (white and black Caribbean) it can often get quite dry and require essential oils to deeply nourish, more than a Caucasian hair type for example.

Leave in Conditioner- I am also a firm lover of a leave in conditioner! The Curl Company’s one boasts a good consistency that is not too heavy. I love that you can use on dry or wet hair, especially when I don’t wash my hair very often but sometimes need a top up of moisture between washes.

Style Creme Gel- I found this gel is great for holding braids. I used a little bit through my entire head before doing a boxer-braids style, and the braids held a lot longer than they ever have before.

Mousse- I don’t think I have used a mousse since 2010! This Curl Company mousse is great if you like to use a mousse. I would advise to use sparingly to avoid crispy ends! I like that you can crunch this into your curls instead of using a hairspray. I also noticed it gave my hair volume! I would also use this to hold styles on blow dried or straightned hair.

This is a new company, but I definitely think that there is a large market for curly hair-specific products in a commercial space. I usually have to go to very specific places in London to find shops and products that cater to my mixed race, afro hair type. It’s only been in the past couple of years that any afro hair products have been introduced to Boots and Superdrug. Even though I use these products, they are certainly not dedicated solely to mixed race or just curly hair. It feels great that there is now a company dedicated to making my curls amazing!

The Curl Company is now available in Boots stores and online!


Eb x

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