Back to the 00’s (Part 1)

Hey Guys,

So I was feeling pretty nostalgic after a great Twitter chat last Sunday. The chat was by @BloggerBees and hosted by Emma (@unf4bul0us). The theme of the chat was ‘Childhood Memories’. So we were reminiscing about a lot; from the music of the 90s, to the best must-have toys!

All of this talk of Spice Girls and Pokémon gave me serious Noughties-Lust (yeah I made that up!) so I decided to spend my May Bank Holiday reminiscing about some of the things that made my childhood great!

(Some of these images are not mine)

·       Spice Girls- The 90s answer to Little Mix, the original Girl Power band. I don’t know anyone who didn’t like the Spice Girls! Who did you want to be? I was obsessed with being Baby Spice. I wanted long, straight blonde hair for some reason! I remember all the novelty and collectible SPICE toys and games. I even had the bed sheets and wallpaper! To this day, I still have a load of unused party accessories like paper plates and bunting. 25th Birthday plans?..Hmm ;)
A selection from my Spice Girl's collection

·       S Club 7- I loved S Club and even more so, S Club Juniors! I wanted to be Rachel Stevens :p . I really loved all their music and can still listen to it now and bust out a few of the routines I spent hours learning in my room. And let’s not forget about their endless TV shows and films!
S Club 7

·       Pop Party CD’s- Those compilation CD’s were amazing! A good mixture of the top hits of the year all on one disc! Perfect. And perfect to play when you’re feeling nostaligic. Question: Who did let the dogs out?
Pop Party 1

·       Children’s TV- OK, I don’t think it can be argued that 90’s Disney Channel was WAYYYY better than 2016 Disney Channel! They should totally create a ‘Throwback Disney” channel just showing all the best. Eg. That’s So Raven, Recess, Even Stevens, Two of a Kind, Lizzie McGuire. Not to mention Nickelodeon’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sister Sister, The Amanda show, The Wild Thornberry’s and CBBC’s The Queens Nose, The Worst Witch, Bernards watch and the BADDEST BITCH; Tracy Beaker!!! <<< Maan I miss those days!
Disney Classics
·       Mary-Kate and Ashley films/tv shows- I do think that it’s mainly girls who will relate to this one, but I used to  (and still do) LOVE a bit of MK & A. Once I got over the fact it was two girls, not three (am I right?!) I fell in love with them and could spend an entire Sunday back-to-backing Passport to Paris, Switching Goals, Holiday in the Sun and New York Minute. I am not shy to admit I have all 3 of the So Little Time TV show DVDs and most of their book series’, naturally.
Mary-Kate and Ashley
·       Harry Potter- Need I say more? Didn’t think so. PS, moment of silence for Neville Longbottom's hottness! 

·       Weekend TV- So you’ve just had your roast dinner and the fam are settled in front of the box for a good old episode of Gladiators or Fort Boyard. The Price is Right, Catchphrase and Supermarket sweep were some of the best game shows to get stuck into. Not to mention the highs and lows of Who Wants to be a Millionare!
Also, who remember Saturday afternoon TV? Charmed, Daria and The Tribe? Those were the days!
The Tribe (Old Channel 5 show)
·       Old PC games- I wasn’t a Sims kid, but hats off to those of you that were. When I played it at friend’s houses, it was pretty fun! I was more of a gaming girl, I had this Arthur (the aardvark) game which I was obsessed with! Along with some other learning-type games. The CBBC website always provided great games. My favourite was one based on Nev the Bear from Smile (who remembers that show :o with Barney and Rochelle from Sclub8).
But let’s also not forget the good old built-in game ‘checkers’, ‘solitaire’ and             ‘minesweeper’ (ps. How the hell did you play that game? Am I the only one who just      clicked it randomly until something happened?)
Damn this game!
·      Game Boy- Ahhhh back when I was a proper gamer! Pokémon Gold, Rally Racer and Mary-Kate and Ashley Riding School; what a time to be alive! I loved playing all of those and occasionally whip out my purple, see-through game boy and try to play Pokémon Gold, only to realise I am stuck on the same bit I have been stuck on for the past 15 years!
I have this one!
·       Top Trumps- When I was in year 4/5, my whole year group had an obsession with playing Top Trumps at break times. The most popular were Lord of the Rings and Simpsons. We would play forever. To this day, I have about 6 packs of Top Trumps that I am trying to find a way to turn them into a drinking game... hmm...
Popular kids had this one...(I had Harry Potter...)
·       My Secret Diary- I am sure every girl had a bright pink (maybe fluffy) ‘Secret Diary’ that had a lock and you would use for maybe the first week you had it and then just reverted to writing random stuff in it! I have many of these and it is hilarious to read through them and see what 12 year-old Eboni thought about the cutest guy in school and which best friend pissed me off!

"That's why her hair's so big, it's full of secret diaries"
Guys, please tell me I’m not alone in all of this! Let me know in the comments or via Twitter what you remember about the 90’s and do you relate to any of mine?
That’s the end of Part One. I hope you enjoyed it! Next week I will be continuing the throwback theme and get to all things noughties in School and Life; I’m talking brick phones, Disney Land and School Trips!

See ya on the flip side, I’m Outie!! (Lizzie McGuire Quote XD )

Eb x

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