Back to the 00’s (Part 2)

Hey Guys,

So this post is a continuation of last week’s Back to the 00’s Part 1. I hope you enjoyed reading that one, and if you haven’t; what are you waiting for? Check it out here!

Are you back? Great! Let’s get going with part 2 of “Back to the 00’s”.

*(none of these images are my own)*

·       Gel Pens – Remember gel pens? Especially the ones that had scents that you would sniff and sniff until you gave yourself a headache and mild high...
·       Pencil Cases – Why did it matter so much what pencil case you had?? I went from Sabrina the Teenage Witch to Spice Girls to S Club 7. Always on the latest pen-transporting trend!
I loved my pencil case! They were a fashion statement. 
·       Packed Lunches- I always had school dinners but when we went on a school trip and I got to have a packed lunch it was the best thing! Like a surprise of the edible variety (the best variety). From cheese strings to tuna and mayo- I wasn’t fussy at all!
This packed lunch looks a lot healthier than a proper 00's meal box!
·       School Trips- I LOVED a good school trip to the local museum or as far as France. It was the traveller in me itching to get out and about and see the world! My favourite school trips were the ones out of London. E.g. Kingswood, France and Skiing in Switzerland. And let's admit; the coach journey was always the best bit!
Who remembers these types of activities? Our raft did not stay together like this! 

·       Disney Land; Do you remember when the first question upon arrival at your hotel wasn’t “What’s the WIFI Password?” I loved Disney Land more than anything in the world. It was/is a place where dreams come true, magic is real and there are literally no worries beyond what ride is next and when is the character parade? I’m so glad my mum took me so many times. I talk a lot about Disney land in my Travel post here.

·       Kit Kat Chunky- Back when chocolate was 35p, I remember when the Kit Kat Chunky came out and my mum was obsessed with it! I grew to love it too but I haven’t had one in ages! Maybe it was a noughties thing...

·       Bedroom Posters- I swear, my walls used to be invisible due to the amount of posters I had covering them! It was a significant time the day I decided to take them down. Like a sign of maturity and growing up!

·       Old Skool Mobile Phones- Can’t you just hear the nostalgic sound of a nokia 3310 ringing away. Longer battery life, Snake, one button=three letters. Why did we get rid of brick phones? Oh yeah... the internet. But still, it was a great time to be alive, in a world where ‘Whatsapp’ was an informal greeting and ‘Angry Birds’ was the local pissed-off pigeon. I honestly think everything from business to dating have been impacted both positively and negatively since the birth of the Smartphone.

Guys, please tell me I’m not alone in all of this! Let me know in the comments or via Twitter what you remember about the 90’s and do you relate to any of mine?

See ya on the flip side, I’m Outie!! (Lizzie McGuire Quote XD )

Eb x


  1. Haha I loved this post it brought back so many memories, I had the biggest gel pen collection ever. Great post!

    Ella xx

  2. I still love KitKat Chunkys, do they still sell them? Gel pens were my absolutely favourite when I was at school, I had so many pencil cases just full of them! And you would always have to make sure you had a cool pencil case in the classroom! Such a fun post, I bet you have more fun writing them too!! xx