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Hey Guys, 

Today's post is a little round-up of all the different snacks and foods I have been loving so far in 2016! I was watching a Pointless Blog YouTube video last night where Alfie and Zoe were trying out lots of different foods from their Sourced Box. After I had gotten over the feeling of jealousy and hunger, I felt inspired! To share with you guys some of my foodie favourites :)


All the goodies!

I am an AVID herbal tea drinker! In particular though, Green Tea. I LOVE Twinings' range of Green Teas as they have them in soooo many yummy flavours (I have tried pretty much all of them!) My favourite at the moment in the Apple and Pear Green Tea, followed closely by the Mango & Lychee. If you like the idea of drinking Green Tea but not the taste, I would recommend these as they are a lot more flavourful and sweet, but with the same bodily benefits!
I always drink my Green Tea after a meal and before bed, to help with digestion. Be warned though; Green Tea makes you pee!

From healthy teas to these! I recently really got into dark chocolate. Now, here me out!!! I have a friend who is lactose intolerant and she only eats dark chocolate. Until I met her, I was a milk or nothing kinda girl! But I have to say, I have been swayed! Not only is dark chocolate a lot better for you, but I also find I can't eat more than a small amount at one time and my chocolate craving is fixed within a few bites as its so concentrated!

The two bars on the left are all from ALDI. They are super affordable and come in lot's of other flavours. My favourites are the Mint and the Orange & Almond. These bars are like multi packs with smaller bars inside this large box (helps with portion control!)They are super yummy and grown up! Haha. The Hazlenut bar is also from ALDI. It is SOOO THICK! The chocolate it self is split into strips (not squares) and is not too dark and bitter.
Don't be fooled by the perspective, that M&Ms pack is actually bigger than my hand! It is a large multi bag sent to me from my friend in LA! I loved these Pretzel M&Ms while I was working in California last year. They are so expensive over here (if you can even find them!) so luckily I have a really nice friend who sent these over! Really yummy!!

I feel like there is not much I can say about this one! Who doesn't love some Metcalfe's Sweet and Salt? I love love love this popcorn! I always get it instead of crisps with my Sainsbury's meal deal, and I love when the big share (HA) size bag goes on offer for £1. Brilliant!
If you still haven't tried sweet and salt popcorn, where have you been? :o
*I am very open to trying new herbal teas (as you know) and I thought it would be fun  to try these "Slendertox Teas". After all the hype of the detox teas with Bootea etc, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! The pink one is to be had once every morning, whereas the blue one, once every other night a couple hours before bed (not sure why every other night tbh!)
 I did enjoy the taste of the tea and feel that having any type of herbal tea in the morning and night is a good thing. I'm not sure exactly why this particular tea, or any of the detox teas, are any different to just drinking a good green tea or mint tea. It does feel a bit like a "fashion craze" but then it may have actual better benefits. I like that the tea is organic and helps to speed up the metabolism (lord knows I need that!)

*Last but not least, its my newest favourite; Just Bee Honey Water*. This is a really healthy, natural water infused with just a single drop of honey! There are three flavours, but I am currently loving the Blueberry and Lemon. I feel like this is very similar to those flavoured water's you can find in supermarkets, but without all the added sugars and crap! It is light and refreshing, especially when chilled.
Just Bee is a new company with a really cute story. They have their own bee hives and have a "Save the Bees" attitude; which is amazing. You even get a free packet of wild flower seeds to plant and attract bees to your little corner of the UK. LOVE!

Well, I hope you guys are well and truly hungry after all of that foodie talk! Go and grab a well earned snack and I''ll speak to you soon!

Eb x

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  1. Oh wow! Those teas sounds like they would be so nice, I'll have to give them a try! Great post!

    Ella xx