Things That Make Me Go “Eww!”

Hey Guys,

I have recently been writing quite a few Travel related posts, so thought I would balance it out with something a little sillier! 
Here is a list of 15 things that make me go “Eww!” I have no doubt that many of these will be relatable.
Let’s Go!

1. Squished food on the floor
Ok, so you know when someone has sadly dropped their fresh Big Mac on the pavement/ bus/train and left it, then someone comes behind and step/slides/stamps on it, leaving a smeared mess? Yeah- that. Eww
2. Pigeons who fly low 
Why pigeon, Why? Eww
3. People who cough without covering their mouths
There is no excuse for this unless you have no hands or you are without the use of your hands at that moment, in which case you do the closed-mouth cough! Everyone knows that! Eww!
4. Wearing wet socks
When you’re wearing socks and accidentally walk into the post-shower, soaking wet bathroom! Ewwww
5. Stepping in something gross on the street
Dog poop, snails, ^ that Big Mac... Eww
6. The smell of a fishmonger
Ewwwwwwwwwwww. But I like fish ya know. Tasty bit o’ Salmon or Cod. Mmm
7. Cigarette smoke blowing in my face
Get your filthy ash-stick away from me! Ewww. Rude. 
8. Really drunk humans
Silly staggering, public puking, knicker/pant flashing. Stop it! Ewww
9. Farts
I mean, I know it’s natural and all, but they don’t half smell! Ew
10. Raisins
Why you feel like sweet human skin between my teeth raisins? Why? Ew. 
11. Seahorse giving birth
Have you watched that YouTube video? Dat sh*t nasttyyy. Admirable, but nassttyyy. Eww
12. Spiders 
Go home Spiders! Ew
13. Out of tune singing
When I, or someone else does it, my eardrums are like “Eww”. 
14. People who enjoy popping spots
Why do you like this? And why do you then film it for me to unexpectedly find? Why? Eww. 
15. The sound of nail clippers clipping
Those silver clippers that clip clip clip toenails and the nail bits go flying! Everything associated with that image is just Ewww! 

Bonus “Eww”:
 The sound of chewing
Maybe this is my first, if not top 3 worst “Ew’s”. The sound of open-mouthed chewing... I’m shivering just typing this! EWWWWW. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!

Guys, I’m sorry if I have made your skin crawl or your hair stand on end. If you are cringing, it probably means you are not the culprit of any of these “Eww” moments. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about... Well then the chances are that you are an “Eww Committer”. Maybe you should go ahead and rethink some of your life decisions! :p
Let me know in the comments or via Twitter if you think I have missed off any or if you really agree with any!

Eb x

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  1. I'm pretty short, and whenever I'm on the tube there is always some moron who won't take their backpack off and i end up getting smacked in the face with it. Eew to dirty backpacks hitting my face.