Things That Make Me Go “Yaass!”

Hey Guys,

I am guilty of using (and probably overusing) the popular phrase “YAASS!” I love using it with my friends in a semi-ironic way. It usually pops out all on its own at a moment of great excitement or happiness.
Here is a list of 10 things that make me go “YAASS!” 

1. Watching a singer SLAAYYY a live performance- Yaass Beyonce, Yaass Nicki, Yaass Adele. The Australian Eurovision singer... YAASS! 

2. Finding and buying sale items- That bargain shopper feeling! YAASS! 

3. When your food arrives in a restaurant and it looks BOMB! –YAASS, get in my mouthhh. Now. 

4. When someone suggests an unplanned trip to Nandos- “OMG Yaass! I haven’t been in like 2 whole days!” 

5. When someone announces some good news-Yaass girlll slaayy life!

6. When your favourite food is reduced in the supermarket- All the YAASS!

7. When you get some mail you have been waiting for – OMG that Ebay item I ordered like a month ago finally made it from China. Yaasss! 
8. When you cook a BOOM meal all by yourself that you didn’t even think would taste good! YAASS! I’m so baad! 
9. When you a bit turnt at the party and the DJ drops a BANGERR- Yaasss DJ, Yasss! “All my women, who independentt...” 

10. When you see a sexy guy on TV/ in real life/ in general! –Turning to your bff/gal pal/gbf “Yaasss! Girl, he foiinee!” 

Haha, I hope most of those were relatable! I’m pretty sure I wrote all of those down with a sassy American accent in my head!

Let me know what makes you say “Yaass!”

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Eb x

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