9 Things you definitely haven’t done in Paris yet

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I was recently contacted  by a cool Travel/Food company "BonAppetour" (keep reading for more about the them!). They wanted to collaborate on some guest posts for their website and my blog. As you may already know, I love to travel and I love writing about travel! For the BonAppetour website, I crafted a unique blog post; "Spotlight On: Marotta-Mondolfo, Italy" which you can check out here. And the lovely Abby (who is the BonApp. Paris Community Manager) created this special post for Eboni + Ivory! 

9 Things you definitely haven’t done in Paris yet

So you’ve seen the Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe and even the Sacre Coeur...You know how beautiful the City of Light can be, but with the wealth of European cities out there to see, Paris has become a little “been there, done that”, right? Wrong! Here are 9 activities in the French capital that we are sure you haven’t done yet. Let us know which you’ll definitely be giving a go and if we have missed any out in the comments!

1. Have a drink at The Bar at the End of the Universe:
Self-confessed geeks...your dream bar can be found in the heart of Paris! A place perfect for sci-fi fans, tech heads and anime addicts alike. Being a stone’s throw away from Chatelet theatre, it is the perfect location to chill with like-minded locals and make the most of their ingeniously named cocktails (“tardis” being a personal favourite of mine). And if that wasn’t enough, you can play any of the 60-odd board games they have in the bar itself!

Price: from 6€ a pint.
Address : 19 avenue Victoria, 75001 Paris

2. Solve a murder with Mortelle Soirée.
So you like Cluedo, right? (We don’t blame you- who doesn’t?!)...Well now is your chance to play a live-action version in the heart of Paris! Mortelle Soirée proposes a night of interactive murder (just what you wanted from the City of Romance), where you and your friends will piece together clues and solve the whodunnit mystery (available in French and English!)

Email : paris@mortellesoiree.com

3 Watersports on the river Seine
Who needs an ocean for water-skiing or wakeboarding? ...Jump in the river Seine! (With the specialist company CN.19 of course, not just by yourself…)

Price: from 26€
Address : 28 av Simon Bolivar 75019 Paris

4. Explore Paris in a vintage bus
(Re)Visit Paris in style in an authentic Renault from 1958. This vintage bus is available for all sorts of occasions, just check the site!
Price: from 61€ per person
Telephone : 06 51 59 51 40

5. Have a local dining experience with BonAppetour

The goal of BonAppetour is to get you to discover culture through food and gastronomy. Often nicknamed the “AirBnB of food”, BonAppetour gives you the chance to have a unique dinner or experience at a local’s home in Paris! The options in Paris are abundant, for example you could dine in a 19th Century apartment near the Champs Elysées or even experience a bohemian soirée in the infamous Montmartre district.

6  Visit the sewers
So you’ve seen the catacombs and you just can’t get enough of Paris’s underground? Well luckily for you there is still the sewage system to discover! It may sound like a strange thing to do in France’s cultural hub, but the Sewage Museum is an off-beat and interesting activity (we promise!) Get up-close-and-personal with Paris’s evolution as a major city.

Price: From2,30€ per person.
Addresd : Pont de l'Alma, rive gauche, opposite 93 quai d'Orsay, 75007 Paris

7. Rent a boat
Navigate Paris with your own boat and spend the day discovering the canals of the capital.
Price: from 40€

8 Visit a Ping Pong Bar
Le Gossima allows you to have a drink with friends around a match of ping pong. Sport and alcohol- the perfect mix!
Price : from 6€ for half an hour
Address : 4 rue Victor Gelez, 75011 Paris

9.  Spend some time in a Cat Café
Missing your cuddly companion back home? Then head on over to the Café des Chats for an indispensable dose of fluffiness.
Price : between 8€ and 10€
Address : 16 rue Michel Le Comte, 75003 Paris

About the author:

Abby Chinery is a language lover, travel enthusiast, digital marketing lead and Paris community manager for the startup BonAppetour, who specialise in connecting travellers with locals over a meal to help make a city come to life.

Which one looks like its making it's way onto your "to-do" list? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter! @EboniDixon

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