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 Hey Guys,

This hidden, underground cocktail and jazz bar is almost impossible to find! With just a door in the wall between a couple of cafes, The Night Jar bar feels like a secret to be uncovered...
I had never heard of this place before, but I love jazz and cocktails, so The Night Jar seemed like a cool place for a first date. It was his choice, not mine, after our original Jazz place seemed to have closed down! But I am so glad we ended up here because it was the perfect setting.

We arrived at 7pm on a Wednesday and were seated in a quiet corner opposite the bar. Our position meant the additional element of being able to watch the flamboyant mixologists create the wonderfully spectacular drinks (but more about those later!)  

This was our table, right in the corner 

The lighting and decor was perfect for a boozy jazz room. The only things missing were the lingering clouds of cigar smoke and 1920's American chatter- bearing in mind this is all before the live jazz band even started!

We were advised that the live jazz set would commence at 9pm. Being a first date, it was uncertain we would even make the three hours to nine o'clock, but we nodded, smiled, thanked the hostess and proceeded to order our first round!

The cocktail menu boasts an extensive variety of 46 completely unique creations. "Bartender Marian Beke’s new menu is split between Pre-Prohibition, Prohibition, Postwar and Signature cocktails."

I am so bad at making decisions, especially when all of these looked so good! Luckily, the hostess was on hand to offer me some advice. After just a few quick questions re: my taste, she had the perfect cocktail for me to try! I love sweet cocktails so the first one I had was fruity and moreish with a little kick: "Aged Hong Kong Punch"

The second one I tried was called a "Zombie" (love that name!) 
It arrived literally on fire, topped with a small piece of cake and chocolate covered in Wray and Nephews!

I think I picked some of the most popular cocktails as I saw a few Hong Kong's and Zombie's flying around to different tables. That or I set a trend! 

Other cool drinks I saw were the "Amsterdam Cocktail"; served in a bunch of fibre glass tulips! And the "Cocktail a la Louisianne"; which came with a piece of smoked oat grass that you have to smell before you sip for the best taste experience! And not for the faint hearted; I saw a Day of the Dead themed Mexican cocktail which came served with a small cone of dried meal worms! :/

Four drinks later and we notice it is 9pm! Maybe it was the ideal location, the easy conversation or the strong drinks, but time had managed to fly by and we were now able to enjoy the full effect of this live jazz and cocktail bar. By this point, the bar was a little busier which is why they suggest booking in advance (especially for weekends). 

The music was superb. It solidified even further my 1920's swinging jazz visions. I have never watched Sex and the City, but that is exactly what sprang to mind as I set my head back, closed my eyes and allowed my brain to conjure these amazing images. (Ok, by this point I was pretty tipsy, but it was seriously a great atmosphere!) 

I would recommend The Night Jar as a special occasion trip. First date, anniversary, birthday or a father's day treat all spring to mind. Luckily for me, my date paid the entire bill (as a true 1920's gentleman would) but, I did see the prices on the menu, and the cocktails range from £12-£14 each, which is why this isn't your everyday bar! (Even if you're filthy rich I would recommend you to save this one for special occasions as you don't want it to loose its magic!) 

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you are from London or visiting at all, let me know if you are going to try The Night Jar or if you already have! 

Eb x

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