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Last Friday I made my way into London with my friend Naomi for a Blogger’s Hangout Event! The three day “Summer Party” themed event was located just off of London’s Strand and played host to a number of cool brands, from hair to homeware and slushies to subscription boxes', there was a lot to see and try!
Here is a round-up of the event and brands I met ☺

The event was hosted by the Strand Gallery which is just a stone’s throw away from the River Thames. The narrow, white-walled, two-tier space was the perfect backdrop for all of the colourful brands. It was fairly packed when I arrived and the unusually hot day made for an interesting (sticky) atmosphere, but despite this, everyone was super friendly, talkative and the lack of rain was not disputed!

First stop; KB Hair Extensions 

This cool brand is dedicated to finding you an exact match of extension for your hair type and colour. In 2010/11 I went through a phase where I wore hair extensions very regularly, however I found the maintenance a little overwhelming, as I would buy straight “Caucasian” hair and need to straighten mine to match, which would, in turn, damage my hair. It was also a time when I coloured my hair a lot and so had to keep buying new hair to match! 
However, I have actually been thinking about getting a nice set of clip-ins for special occasions and KB Extensions could be the answer! They even produce their own hair care products such as shampoo. They were also kind enough to gift me a sample bottle of the conditioner. Perfect for taking on holiday! 

Next up; Home Brewtique

This company have created their own “at-home” beer brewing kit. Perfect for small apartments, the kit doesn’t take up much space and for busy bees; the brewing process takes just a few hours! Personally, I am not a big fan of beer, however, after further enquiry, I found out that this kit can also be used to make cider; which is right up my street! This seems to be a great gift idea for any budding beer bottlers! 

Sass and Belle were next. 

I have been a fan of Sass and Belle for a while now and love their affordable homeware and giftware. As you can see, all of their products are super fun and cute. Their summer range is looking incredible with a big emphasis on tropical prints, cacti and copper! You may have noticed a few Sass and Belle products featured in some popular YouTuber’s videos such as Tanya Burr and Sprinkle of Glitter’s Louise. 
They were sooo generous with gifting the bloggers as I received a cute Pineapple cup, a bumble bee foldaway bag, a notebook, pen and a cute little parrot nail file! Thank you so much guys!
Also, for my lovely readers, if you head to the website and enter code: EBONI, you bag yourself £10 off anything when you spend £40. 

I think a great idea would be to get a lot of cute little gifts to store for small birthday gifts or to add as little extras to someone’s main gift. It could also be a great chance to do an early Christmas shop orrr a cheeky shop for yourself! With items ranging from £1, there’s no excuse not to have a look! 

Next we spotted Dinki Belle Nail Wrap's stand.

“Easy to apply, and lasting up to 14 days, DinkiBelle’s non toxic nail wraps bring fashion to fingertips” is what the company tells me! Dinki Belle’s stand is jam-packed full of the cutest nail wrap designs from marble to glitter. I have tried nail wraps once before but found their durability didn’t live up to what it claimed. Dinki Belle promise that their wraps are of the highest quality, meaning they will last a lot longer. I cannot wait to put them to the test with the pink glitter and ombre designs that were kindly gifted to me. 

We had a lovely chat with Amy at Nature’s Wish.
Nature’s Wish is a brand of natural and organic skincare products. Using the power of flowers and natural oils, Amy promises amazing results from using her products. I have quite oily/acne prone skin and Amy’s answer to that was the “Balance Face Oil”. The ingredients included, such as Avocado, Chia and Thistle, aim to nourish and calm my skin whilst closing pores and smoothing lines. With a lovely lavender scent, this oil will no doubt make me smell wonderful too!
The oil is in small sample bottle and packaged in a cute green bag. I can’t wait to try this out and see results!

It was getting busier and warmer. Luckily Cocktail Mania were there to cool us down with an icy refreshment.

Pittstop! I doubled up on alcohol and went for a mix of the blue and red flavours. It was the perfect drink for summer! You can hire these slushie machines for event and parties with alcoholic and non alcoholic flavours. I think it would make a perfect summer prom stand or a music festival staple beverage. 

Top floor done, next we head downstairs to be met by the ladies of;
Pink Parcel!

I had already heard of Pink Parcel before the Blogger’s Hangout event. They are a Subscription Box service that provides a monthly dose of beauty and sweets to coincide with every woman’s favourite time of the month*(*sarcasm intended).

Pink Parcel collaborates with a load of different brands and companies to produce a monthly gift you’ll enjoy receiving! From mascara to nail polish, chocolate to tea, the box is guaranteed to include something you love. As well as cute products, you can also tailor the box to your specific period requirements from flow, size, wings, no wings, Pink Parcel will deliver exactly what you need. 

Although they are still a fairly new company, there are already big (and exciting) plans to expand and improve the brand. 
They were kind enough to let Naomi and I take home our own mini Pink Parcel box full of goodies!
Here is a code to get your fist box for £5: PINK16

A huge thank you to The Blogger’s Hangout for organising another great event. The Summer Party was my third event since I started Blogging in February. I would recommend every new (and old) Blogger sign up!

Update: Check out my YouTube video coverage of this event!

Eb x

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  1. Blogging events always look so good! It looks like you've had a lot of fun! x