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Hey Guys,

I was recently contacted by Case App asking if I wanted to try out their Skins and Cases. At the time, I had been searching Ebay for a Marble Laptop skin but hadn't found anything that I like so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a Case App Skin! 

The website is super easy to navigate. You are able to create your own custom iPhone case or android case with your own images/design or browse through their extensive catalogue of pre-designed cases and skins.

I wanted to match my laptop, iPhone and iPad so I had a look through the pre-designed skins and cases for a marble effect. I found the "Carrara Marble" was my fav so got busy ordering!

Laptop Skin:
iPad Skin:
iPhone 5C Case:
My case and skins arrived just a few days later in a stirdy, non-folding envelope. I was worried about applying the skins properly but it ended up being super easy! My top tip would be to take it slowly and smooth out any air pockets!

I am really pleased with my new covers. I feel like a proper blogger with all this Marble, Flat-Lay goodness going on!

Fancy owning your own Case App Design? Here is a 20% Discount Code for my lovely readers:

Send me pictures of your Case App goodies via Twitter @ebonidixon

Eb x

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  1. I love this phone case! It looks so pretty! x