Kylie Jenner Lip Kit - Candy K REVIEW

Hey Guys,

So I recently won a Twitter competition set by the lovely Gweni over at / @g_beauty_blog. She was kind enough to give away a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in "Candy K"! :O 
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this baby after all the social media hype, I needed to see for myself. 

Here is a swatch:

And some images of me wearing the matte liquid lipstick and lip-liner in "Candy K": 

I honestly really love this product. It was my first time using a liquid lipstick and a matte one at that! I have read some bad press about the lip kit's wands being damaged and the product being "drying", but I think I had an updated version as I had the foam applicator, not the brush. I am also sitting here wearing the lipstick and have to say it is extremely comfortable and durable. It has not dried my lips at all and has maintained a strong colour. I imagine if I started eating, this may not be the case for very long, but generally it is great. 
Be warned; durability comes with a cost- trying to get it off! You will need a heavy duty make up remover. Micellar water just about got that swatch off with a little scrubbing. But don't scrub your lips! 

Overall, I have no complaints about this product. I think the colour really suits me and is every-day wearable. I would say that I need a little practice of the lip-liner or to ditch it all together as I feel it is a little too dark compared to the lipstick. 


Eb x

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