My Favourite Sale; Tea Party Launch

Hey Guys,

Last week I was invited to the My Favourite Sale Tea Party Launch event. I thought I’d do a quick lil sum-up of the event with s photo diary!
The event was held at the beautiful Home House, in the annex. It is a private members club so it was wonderfully fancy by my standards!
We started off in the bar with some drinks and a little networking. 

I went for a vodka + lemonade. 

My new Blogger-friend Nev went for "something pink"!

After a few introductions amongst the bloggers, we were escorted into another grand room where out afternoon tea service was waiting along with the lovely Fran and Shane, the founders of My Favourite Sale. 

They gave a presentation to us about the company and the ambitions/goals for the future. The concept is that people are able to share their bargain finds through a social site:

1. You buy something on sale.

2. Take a cheeky selfie.

3. Post the photo along with where you bought it and how much for.

Voila! Simple!

Other people are able to view your item and “like” it. You can also view and like other people’s items.

There is also a great sale calendar of general high street and online sales. Along with a fashion blog section that is set to launch very soon with the help of fellow bloggers.

After the presentation, we were left to tuck into our sweet treats (which were yummy!) and network with each other. I met some pretty awesome bloggers. Here is a little photo-summary of the food and venue :)

The amazing-smelling bathroom products.

The bathroom floors were so photogenic!

Cute goodie bags included a yummy MFS cupcake!

Thanks for checking out this post! If you are a Bargain Hunter, Sale Slayer like me, you NEED to check out ! Sign up and let's swap sale stories!

Eb x

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