My YouTube Channel is LIVE!

Hey Guys,

I am extremely excited (and also a lil anxious) to be sharing the news that my YouTube channel is LIVE! eeek!!!

I have been blogging since February this year and feel like this was a natural progression. I will be "YouTubing" (omg is that a word I use now?!) about everything and anything! It will be a mix of vlogs of exciting things and also informal chats about everything from beauty to style and life! 

I would really love you to check out my first video and tell me what you think! If you wanna subscibe too that would be amazing and rewarded in virtual love, hugs and cake! :)

OK, enough of me rambling, I'll let you go have a look! Leave a comment with your channel names too. I am always subscribing to awesome bloggers!

Eb x

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