Easy Breezy Pink Lemonade

 Hey Guys, 

This is a quick and easy pink lemonade recipe that is super easy to make. It will go perfectly with a Pink Flamingo cake ;) You can find the recipe for the cake in my previous post here. 

Ok, this needs no further introduction. Let's go!

You will need:
(For a 2-3 glasses)

A large handful of raspberries
Cranberry/Raspberry juice
Sparkling lemonade
1 lemon
Mint to taste (optional)
Fun decorations
And of course, some sassy tropical glasses like these Sass and Belle ones!


1.      Fill half the glass with the cranberry/raspberry juice and top up with sparkling lemonade.
2.      Squeeze 3-4 raspberries to allow the juice to escape and drop into the glass.
3.      Add a couple of mint leaves for a refreshing twist.
4.      Add your fun decorations. I have used an umbrella, flamingo and palm tree sticks and some bright stirrers.
5.      Add ice just before serving.
Advance technique: Turn your Quick Pink Lemonade into a boozy- dream “Pink Mojito” by adding a little white rum, lime and a sprig of mint!

See, supper easy!
Thanks for joining me for this fun post! And thank you to Sass and Belle for having me as your first guest blogger!
I hope your bakes are going well and if you do give the Flamingo Cake or Pink Lemonade a go, I would love you to send me pictures via Twitter: @ebonidixon.

Eb x

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