#BloggersFestival 2016

Hey Guys,

So I recently did something a little different and got myself a ticket to the "Blogger's Festival", hosted by Scarlett London.

This wasn't my first-ever Blogging event, however it was the first I had bought a ticket for (meaning none of my "non-blogging" friends would be able to come as a plus one). 
When I bought my ticket I was super confident and barely thought twice about clicking the "purchase now" button, however, as the event gradually creeped up on me, I found myself feeling nervous and a little anxious. As a new Blogger, it is rare that I go to an event and know anyone in the room! 

Image via By Noelle
I took to Twitter a couple of days before the big day and scrolled through a list of #BloggersFestival tweets. I soon found a few different people were too going alone, and were planning to meet up before for a coffee/drink! Why is it so much easier to talk to new people through a phone screen? Anyway, I am so glad I did, because there were six of us "new bloggers" planning to meet for a drink and chin-wag just before the event. 

We met at The Sanctuary House, St James' Park. All of the girls were so lovely, we all got along as if we'd met before! (Check us all out in the photo above!) A glass of rosé later, and we head towards the beautiful Conrad Hotel...

We were greeted by the biggest wall of white and cream roses! It made a great backdrop for everyone's selfie and OOTD shots throughout the day. 

Me and my new friend Tegan
After picking up a cheeky glass of Bucks Fizz, we all head towards the main arena of brands, goodies and lots and lots of Bloggers! 

Exhibiting brands included:
Jewellery box
Friction Free Shaving
Varta Tech
Heaven Skincare
Beverly Hills Formula
Natural World Haircare
David Hampton
7th Heaven Face Masks

Here are some pictures of the event itself and the goodies I received!...

I did a photoshoot with Jewellery Box for their website! I can't wait to see the images!

Tegan, Noelle and I modelling for Jewellery Box! (Image via Jaz)

What a great day! Thank you to Scarlett for organising such a brilliant event. I can't wait for the next one!
I also can't wait to give all these products a go. There are so many! Have you tried any of these before? 

Eb x

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