LUSH Spa Nights - Edinburgh

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Welcome to the second instalment of my Scotland Adventure Diaries! I hope you enjoyed the Stirling Castle post. Today's post will be about my AMAZING experience at the LUSH Spa, Edinburgh

Me and my bestie Naomi attended the LUSH Spa Nights event on Saturday 27th September. This event was FREE to book and attend and includes a mini treatment (which one depends on which day you go) and some live music plus tea and nibbles! How generous! For our day, the treatment offered was a "Sound Bath"... sounds intriguing right? I'll explain further soon...

We arrived fashionably early and let the staff know we were here for the treatments. We would have continued window shopping, but all the other shops were shutting at 7pm can you believe!? Anyway, the staff were all so lovely, kind and welcoming! We had a little chat with the store manager who said we were welcome to have a seat and enjoy a complimentary arm and hand massage while we waited!!! 
We got to choose which massage bar we liked best, sit back, relax and enjoy our hand and arms being treated to a good rub down. I really enjoyed this massage as I enjoy my hands having pressure applied...(don't ask!)

After a little more perusing the never ending products and smelling every scent known to man, it was time to head downstairs for the start of our LUSH Spa experience....
After the formal chat about fire exits and so on, we were unleashed onto the tea and shortbread as the musicians set up ready for the most chilled concert ever! There was a small group of about ten of us. We were split between two rooms in pairs for our 10 minute sample treatment. Naomi and I were first!...

The room was dimly lit, sensual and tranquil. There was a little ensuite room containing a bath which I was told was included in some of the treatments. 

To be honest with you, I was completely engulfed in the entire treatment. It was so unique, that I am finding it difficult to put into words! Even the Lush website has an extremely eclectic description of the treatment (which I suppose gives a great sense of how you leave the room feeling):
"Relax. Open your mind and your ears. It’s time to bathe in sound. Tremors tunnel within, sailing through your temples, chest and heart to cleanse and awaken. Ripples of energy course over your body and multiply into little capillaries of white noise, unburying delicious secrets and forgotten thrills. Calm on the surface, but full of subterranean music and emotion within."
There is a whole journey you go on with the full 60 minute "bath", however what Naomi and I experienced were the tuning forks- large metal forks that vibrate to produce a sound at different pitches for each fork. When played together, they create harmonies that relax and balance the body.
I really enjoyed the room soundtrack. It helped me to relax and to conjure all sorts of imagery. 
I was told that the creator of Lush envisioned the Lush Spas to be like English county cottages, so the layout and decor of the entire spa is reminiscent of that, which really informed my imagination during the treatment. You can hear the Sound Bath soundtrack for yourself on this page:

Lastly, after the experience, we were given some lovely tea that was prepared whilst we enjoyed our treatments. Here are some images of the tea being made. Looks like something from a Hogwarts potion class right!

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Lush Edinburgh for making our visit so brilliant and welcoming! Thank you to John, John and to Caelan for being fab! I am not surprised at all that the staff were so friendly as I have only ever had wonderful experiences in Lush. 

Also a huge shout out to the brilliant musicians, who also happen to be staff too! I loved Jenny and the Wren's quirky ukulele-based songs and Jen Donnelly's smooth-toned voice was the perfect sound to emerge from my sound bath to. 

Who would have thought this little luxury sanctuary of tranquillity existed just moments away from the busiest theatre festival in the world?! I will definitely be returning for a full treatment as a nice treat or gift for myself and/or someone else. 

Have you ever tried a Lush Spa treatment? Which one did you choose and how was it?

Eb x

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