St Andrews, Scotland - Chocolate, Cathedrals and Charity Shops!

Hey Guys,

How are ya doing today? I thought I'd hit you with another photo diary from my time in Scotland! I had a really great time with my Canon 500D, learning how to create pretty images. I am still learning but hey ho, I hope you enjoy!

*SPOILER* I didn't find myself a Prince to marry, but I did have some amazing gelato -you win some, you lose some!

Ooo and p.s. If you haven't had time yet, please do go back and have a look at my other Scottish-themed posts! 
A Little Place Called Crail...

The entrance archway to the main high street.
There were loads of charity shops in St Andrews! We enjoyed browsing through them all :)

I especially loved browsing the vinyl sections and picked up a Motown meets Mexico, "Tamla meets Tiahuana" LP. It sounded too intriguing to pass up to be honest!
We found this cute cafe for some treats. They had an amazing selection of gelato, cakes and drinks. Only downside was the exceptionally rude staff and service :( which was a shame.  

St Andrews Cathedral ruins. So pretty!

Pretty houses are plenty in St Andrews!

This is Bob. Bob was very interested in my camera. Bob started to pose. Bob is a seagull model. 

Granny Joyce and Naomi! I think this is my POTD. So cute <3 font="">

Have you been to St Andrews? Do you recognise any of these places?

Eb x

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