Stirling Castle: A Photo Diary

Hey Guys,

I recently found myself in a place I had never stepped foot in before... a magical, beautiful, windy place...
I had never visited before, but seen as my best friend Naomi is half Scottish, we made the most out of her family's kind hospitality offers and took a week to see the sights! After 3 days in Edinburgh, the next tour stop was the beautiful Stirling, just an hour or so from Edinburgh. There isn't heaps and heaps to do in Stirling, however, the castle is everything you could ever want from a great British castle and more!
Here is my Stirling Castle photo diary:

Entrance to the Castle is £14.50 for a regular adult ticket. (Castle tickets also entitle you to a tour of Argyll’s Lodging, a nearby 17th century townhouse)

Chilling in ma throne!

Some of the rooms are home to a member of staff in costume who can talk to you about the general history of the castle and answer any questions you may have. I had a great conversation with the characters in this room about the history of the royal family, shown on this huggeee table-length scroll!

Playing dress-up in the children's costume section!
The Creeeeeppyyy lifesize models in the mock kitchen- not gonna lie, this freaked me TF out!

A lovely ice-cream treat from the van to round off the day! And what a great day it was!

Have you been to Stirling Castle before? Which was your favourite bit?

Stay tuned for more posts about my Scottish Adventure, including a LUSH event and the Fringe Festival!

Eb x

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