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Hey Guys, 

As the spoookkaayyy season approaches, I of course had to do some type of Halloween styling post. However, as the title suggests, this isn't your average full-frontal costume post. I have decided to take an everyday brand like, and style some items into a subtle, sexy, sophisticated, sultry, stylish (alll the S's) outfit for a more toned down look that doesn't screaamm HORROR, GUTS and GORE!
I have modelled this style off Morticia Addams (of The Addams Family) and hope you find that this is a more wearable 'costume' for all you glam gals out there! 

The Baddest B*tch herself; Morticia Addams. 

Gold Choker: £5.00,

Black Scalloped-Detail Dress: (an oldie but many similar can be found)


"Megan" Black, Silky Duster Coat: £18.00,
Black thigh-high boots: £35.00,

What do you guys think of this subtle Halloween look? Spookily good? Or Scarily bad? 

Ps. You can now watch my YouTube Lookbook for this outfit!...

Eb x

Duster Coat:
Lipstick: Illamasqua
All images by Jon Ville

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