East London: Vintage Warehouses and Pop-Up Restaurants

Hey Guys,

I recently head East, towards (arguably) the most hipster part of London- Shoreditch. I was on a big hunt! Not your average hunt... No, I wasn't clutching a Pokeball in hopes of catching a Pikachu, I was clutching a ten pound note, in the hopes of catching a bargain! 

I brought along my friend Shermin for my first Thrift Warehouse experience courtesy of The East End Thrift Store

The large room of vintage goodies is located just off a main road close to Whitechapel station. Its location screams exclusive and secret for those in the know...

The way it works is this: 

Grab bag 
Fill bag
Pay for bag

Simple! You have a choice between a £10 bag or £20 bag. We both went for a £10 bag each and I would recommended it as I had plenty of space for lots of goodies (plus the £20 bag didn't seem that much bigger anyway). 

First thing I picked up was this cool over-sized Adidas jacket with the NY logo. I had actually recently been looking for something like this on Ebay recently so I was glad to find this. The only downside to this item is that it had a few white paint slashes on the back, though I thought it kind of added to the 'coolness' of the jacket! Haha! I also came to find (once I got home) that the zipper had broken so I would have to wear this open, but thats fine by me as I think I would layer it up as a throw-on piece anyway. 

I found this cute acid-wash, cropped denim jacket on the floor! I really love the cut and style and it features an awesome large pleat detail on the back. I would love to style this up by layering it over jumpers in the winter and over cute dresses in the summer!

These jeans are probably my Fav Find of the day! These are some high-waisted, cropped-leg LEVI jeans!!! I think I would pay £10 for these jeans by themselves so in my eyes, all the other things I got were free! 
I that these are ankle-grazers and have a high waist. When dressing in a vintage style, these are my top twp go-to cuts. 
I can wear these in winter with turtle necks and boots or in the summer with t-shirts and sandals. 

After a good hour of browsing through the endless rails of cool and unique pieces, Shermin and I both managed to stuff our sacks! I picked up a good few more things including a few vintage shirts and a white roll neck jumper. Shermin bagged herself some cute silk scarves and a lovely yellow bomber jacket (that I was super jel of!)

Next stop: the famous Brick Lane!
After all that shopping, we had both worked up an appetite and went on the search for some good food. East London has an endless supply of pop-up restaurants and cafes. 

There are some awesome photo backdrops in Shoreditch! 

Box Park is a pop up shopping centre home to some lovely businesses, with a huge amount of eateries on the top floor. From vegan cuisine and Mexican spices, to pizza and pina colada's, there is a lot of choice! 
I ended up going for one of the food trucks just outside called "Island Pot". Island Pot serve Caribbean food (which I love!) I went for the Curry Goat with Rice and Peas and salad for £5.00 (so reasonable). 
It was INCREDIBLE! I am half Jamaican and have had a fare few curry goat dishes in my time- this one was certainly up there! I would recommend this place for the quality and value for money. They are just outside of Box Park every week day :)


And there you have it! How to spend a day in East London. 
If you head to your local Vintage Warehouse, don't forget to give all your new finds a good wash before you wear!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear what you think of my bargain Thrift Store finds! 

Eb x

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