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Hey Guys,

I was recently invited down to RUSH Salon, West Hampstead for a complementary hair cut and blow dry. This was super exciting as I very rarely have a chance to get my hair done professionally, so of course I responded a big, fat YES! 
Now, it is worth noting here, that I have a huggee phobia of getting my hair cut due to a couple of my extremely traumatic past hairdresser experiences. But I will get onto that a little bit later...

It was Sunday 2nd October and I excitedly made my way across London to West Hampstead station. The salon is just a simple, short walk from the station. I had a 12.30pm appointment which wasn't too strenuous for a Sunday morning!
When I arrived, I was shown to my chair and offered a drink and magazine. I had to wait a short while for my hairdresser, Mark, to be available so I perused some magazines and took a few selfies (see above photo :p )

My yummy apple juice and nibbles! 

Once he was free, Mark came over to meet for an initial consultation. I explained about my hair-cutting-phobia and asked if I may have a light dusting off the ends once it was blow dried (I find a lot of hair dressers over-cut my hair when wet, forgetting curly hair springs back significantly when dry). Mark said this was absolutely fine (phew!) 
We then got talking about the deep conditioning treatments that were available. I opted for the Kerastase 'Fusio Masque': These masks are tailor made by choosing 2 elements from a menu of 9 ingredients, then mixing them in a sort of "hair-mask cocktail" to create a personalised treatment. 

My treatment consisted of: 

CONCENTRÉ VITA-CIMENT (In-depth Reconstruction)
BOOSTER DENSITÉ (The fiber is intensely texturized) 

Using these together = "The hair is repaired in-depth and the fiber is densified."

Mark mixing up the hair-mask cocktail.

I was shown through to the the washing stations where I received a thorough shampoo, condition and the Kerastase Fusio treatment (as well as that lil head massage that we all love!)

Unfortunately, it is here where my confidence in Mark started to falter. I understand that for some hairdressers, their experience with mixed-race or curly hair in general can be a lot less versus experience with Caucasian/European straight hair. This was the case for Mark, who really struggled to blow dry my hair to any kind of acceptable style. 
I have had my hair blow-dried a fair few times within the past 3 years as I used to model for trainee hair students, and have picked up a few tips and clues on how to treat my hair. Mark was using the blow dryer on a low heat setting (which I did bring to his attention by politely offering that a higher temperature wouldn't bother me if he wanted to switch). 
It was the temperature of the blow dryer, combined with the fact that he held the nozzle too far from the actual strands of hair, that led to this...

I call this style- "Unintentional 70's Poodle-Fro"

This photo was taken just as Mark was finishing the blow dry... I was not impressed. It is big, puffy and just looks awful. We didn't even get round to the hair trim. 

To be completely honest, I was a little embarrassed about my hair at this point. More people were entering the salon as the midday weekend rush began and I felt like their were many eyes staring and judging my huge dated-do. I also felt (maybe wrongly-so) a little embarrassed that it was my hair that was a 'problem' and my hair that wouldn't do as it was told!...

Mark had another client waiting, so after I expressed that I would like a "smoother finish", he sent for his manager to come and help....

Thank God for Liliana! 
Liliana, the salon manager, came over to sort me out! 

After a little chat with the lovely Liliana, she went about smoothing my hair by blow-drying it all again. This time on a higher temperature and with the nozzle close to the hair strands. 
The result was a huge difference from the initial mishap and I was extremely pleased. Liliana even did a light dusting of my ends, being completely sensitive to my phobia and taking off exactly what I asked for (even though I probably needed a little more.) But for now, it was a small step towards conquering my hair-cutting fear!
The only downside was that I missed the Olympia Beauty Showcase event that I was supposed to attend that afternoon. Time ran away as I effectively had two blow dries!  


Here I sit, one week later and I have barely touched my hair! I had a photoshoot mid-week that I put some curlers in overnight to give my hair some extra shape. I haven't used any heat on my hair for a week and yesterday I had so many compliments at work on my hair! (a whole 6 days after the blow dry). I really was taken via the scenic route to get a good hair finish, but I was pleased to reach the smooth destination in the end!

I would like to thank RUSH Salons for my experience and especially Liliana in the West Hampstead salon for being brilliant

Eb x

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