Street Style: Thigh High Boots

Hey Guys,

As promised, here is another instalment of my Boohoo Haul styling posts. This time: Thigh-High Boots!
I don't know if you're familiar with my blog name, but EBONI + IVORY stands for a few things. EBONI is my name and is a different way to spell Ebony, which is a black wood. IVORY is a colour close to white, therefore EBONI + IVORY, in its simplest form, is black and white; contrast and opposites that work well in unison. It also represents me, as my race is a mix of black (Jamaican) and white (Dutch). 
Most importantly, it is the idea that as women, we can be so many different, and total opposite versions of what a "woman" is perceived to be. For me, there are days where I feel totally beautiful, girly and chic in pinks and nudes and other days where I am completely the opposite in casual slouchy attire or head to toe black! And that's great

Here, I have styled an urban-chic outfit that completely contrasts my first Boohoo Haul post here.  

I hope you enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

The extra extra huggee t-shirt is from the menswear dept in Primark. It is a simple crew-neck with small silver zip detail on the sides of the hem. 

The boots are from and are SO comfortable to wear! That is something I find really important when buying shoes. They are also stretchy in the fabric for extra comfort. 

Lastly, the jacket is actually a vintage item from..... my Mum!! She never ever wore this so I was allowed to have it. I believe it is from the 80's (I am guessing from the acid-wash!)

Did you enjoy this style? How would yu describe your style? Are you EBONI + IVORY like me?

Eb x

Jacket: Vintage (my Mums from the 80s)
T-Shirt: Primark (mens)
Lipstick: Illamasqua (Sangers)
Location: National Theatre, Southbank (London)
All images by Jon Ville

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