Things that make me go "YAASS" Part 2!

Hey Guys, 

I had a really fun time putting together my last "Things that make me go YAASS" post (here), so I thought I would bring it back and hopefully you get just as much entertainment from it as I do! 

Let's go... again!

1. Putting together a bomb outfit! - OK, so you know that feeling when you put some clothes together and they just go. They work really well and you look fly AF. You look in the mirror and you're just like "YAASS", and go to take a selfie asap!

2.  When your make up cooperates. - From that winged liner, to your perfect shade of lippy; its just soo satisfying when it all goes well! "YAASS! Highlight ON FLEEK!".

3.  Finding something you thought you lost.
That cute pair of socks, your headphones, your sanity.... Its life's little gifts. "YAASS", there's a pound at the bottom of my handbag!" (true story). 

4. When you choose the correct tube exit- 
OK, this may only be relatable for us Londoners, but there are a few select underground stations that are HUGE and require multiple exits, like Waterloo or Oxford Circus. And for some, if you take the wrong exit, you can literally end up in the wrong post code! So when I accidentally choose the correct exit, I'm like "YAASS!", all those hours studying maps for geography GCSE did me good!" 

5.  When you put your hand in your hot mess of a handbag and the first thing you grab is the thing you needed.- OK, fess up! We are all guilty of that huge messy handbag that we just throw things in and expect to find them later. I love it when I dive my hand into my bag (fingers crossed, praying) hoping to get my house keys quickly because I'm bursting for the loo/wanna get to that leftover cake asap. Then the first thing your hand touches are those blessed keyyss! "YAASS!" Or more like "HALLELUJAAA! CAKE, IMA COMIN' !" 

6. Remembering food you forgot- Maybe I saved the best for last. Have you ever found something at the back of the cupboard? Christmas chocolate in the winter coat? Or even just some leftover kebab from night before? Hello hungover breakfast! "YAASS, NOM NOM NOM!"

Haha, I loved writing those! How many could you relate to? Have I missed any? Let me know!

Eb x

Image by Jade Thomas

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