YESSTYLE- The Korean Beauty Blogger Box

Hey Guys,

I was recently sent this awesome new blogger box by Korean brand "YESSTYLE". I was super intrigued about what would come in the box, and I'm sure you are too! This box is put together exclusively for Bloggers, but all of the products included are available to purchase as separate items. 

As most beauty subscription boxes go, they are a bit of a gamble and there was bound to be something I'm not going to like or find a use for. So here is my honest round up of all the 10 products included in the September box including a couple of cheeky swatches!

Enjoy x

This is a super cute lip gloss/tint with pretty pink packaging in an unexpectedly neon shade! The product smells great and has a thick consistency which feels hydrating. Don't make my mistake of wearing it on top of a lipstick as the colour will fade and move. 

On the left is the lip gloss swatch. As it works as a tint, the colour appears less "neon" on the lip when smoothed in. 

I love love love this product! It is a creamy lip balm that I have been using overnight to keep my lips hydrated and moisturising. I sometimes use coconut oil for the same reason, but like Vaseline, I find the moisture only lasts a few minutes. This product, however, is really lasting and I wake up with super soft lips! It also smells great which I love.  

I personally don't use blusher or cheek tints as I prefer a bronzed look over a peachy one, so I don't know how useful this product will be for me. However I am sure I will find it a good home! 

I think that BB creams/tinted moisturisers/foundations are always a gamble in sub-boxes unless you have the option to choose your shade (which I didn't do). However, luckily for me, this BB-cream wan't too far off a match for me. I think I have only used a BB cream once or twice before so I am intrigued to use this one. 

Another lip/cheek tint. I don't know how neccesarry is is to include such similar products (we already have a lip and cheek tint as separates) but I will give this a go on my lips. I do really love this matte-glass packaging. 

OMG this package illustration is so cute (even if a little gross if you look for too long!) I could always use a good pore clean so I am looking forward to trying this product, especially on my nose. I am assuming they will work like most other pore strips. I do like that there are not only make-up related products included in the box. 

Now, I have only recently found a brow routine that works for me! I also have pretty thin eyebrows, I imagine these brow mascaras will work better with thick brows. Again, it is a bit of a gamble including colour-specific products but I will definitely have a go with this. I imagine it will help hold my brows in place too which they often need! 

Another cool non-make-up product here. Some under-eye masks that seem to be infused with collagen. I imagine these will be perfect straight out of the fridge after a heavy night out or after a week/month/year of lost sleep! Again, packaging is super cute! 

Here's another mask, with my favourite packaging of the box! This is a sheet mask- very 'on trend' at the mo. I like that is seems to be infused with broccoli and boost "vitality". 

Here we have an interesting product! A 'Gel' pencil eyeliner that is full of glitter! This eyeliner is really smooth and easy to apply. It isn't very pigmented in terms of the black colour, but the glitter is very exciting and something I haven't seen before. It creates a glam lid- perfect for the halloween and christmassy months! Here is a swatch so you can see for yourself:

Which one of these was your favourite? Have you tried anything similar before?

Eb x

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