Zara Pink Leather Jacket... £7.49 Dupe!

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If you know my blog at all, you know I am fully committed to finding bargains of all shapes and sizes and sharing them with you. For example, my recent post about an East London Thrift Warehouse

So, here is yet another bargain hunter's dream post- 

How I got my pink Zara leather jacket for £7.49!!!

I feel like a magician about to unveil the secrets to her tricks- and this is a good 'un! This will be a quick post, so do keep on reading to find out how I managed this one. 

The Zara leather jacket retails at £39.99 if you were to buy it new in store. After constantly trying on this jacket in every Zara store I stepped foot in and a few moany Tweets about how much I wish I had this jacket (secretly hoping the Zara PR team would pity me and send me an early Christmas present), I was sent this Ebay link as a recommendation by a fellow Blogger.
I trusted this Blogger and after inspecting a few reviews, I decided that I would take the risk and purchase this jacket instead. At only £24.99, this dupe is £15.00 cheaper than the original Zara item, and in all honesty, looks no different! They even have copies of the other colours Zara do such as mustard yellow. 

Here comes the life-hack bit...

Did you know, the Nectar Card points you collect in Sainsury's and at petrol stations can actually be turned into Ebay vouchers? That's right! After years of collecting and never spending, I ended up with £17.50 worth of vouchers. Meaning the jacket ended up costing me £7.49!!

When I received the jacket (over a month later- the only downside) I fell in love all over again! The buttery faux leather was exactly like the Zara jacket! Even down to details in the jacket's inner label. I was so chuffed! 

And there you have it! My top secrets revealed! I suggest you go and check your Nectar Card balance asap and see what you can treat yourself to (guilt-free) leading up to Christmas! And don't forget, Ebay sells so many more things from clothes to tech to homeware! Always a bargain to be found!

Eb x

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