BonAppetour in Florence

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This month, I was lucky enough to spend nearly four weeks travelling around Italy! I started off working for two weeks in the north (near Mantova) and slowly made my way down south to Naples (where i am currently writing from!) Along the way I have had some amazing experiences-which brings me to this blog post!
BonAppetour is a company who awarded me a Travel Blogger Award last year! Part of my prize was that i could experience a BonAppetour meal anywhere in the world. I chose Florence... 

My BonAppetour Experience in Florence

The lovely Sara welcomed us into her charming apartment located in central Florence, just a short walk away from many of the main landmarks. The apartment even neighbours the huge popular food market Central Merketo! 

We were welcomed with a choice of wine and some traditionally tuscan bruschetta:

Tomato bruschetta, Tuscan olive oil bruschetta and goats cheese bruschetta

Next we were served some delicious potato and leek soup with some yummy traditional bread. 
The food and the wine kept coming, with the next plate being a gorgeous pasta dish: 

Spaghetti pasta with tomato sauce

Sweet peppers and aubergines gratin

I could have eaten 10 of these fritters (honestly!):

Courgette fritters (made for us with gluten free flour)

Last but not least- an incredibly moist and rich chocolate "torte". I even asked to take some home!- 

Chocolate Cake (my fav!)

The BonAppetour experience is really special. Not only do you get to connect with some lovely local people in a city that may be totally alien to you, but you get to taste some of the most delicious and authentic food that a country has to offer (away from the tourist traps and over priced meals). 

If you liked the look of all this delicious food (who could blame you!) then here is the link to a BonAppetour experience with Sara:

Ps. You can get £12 off your very own BonAppetour experience using my link: 

Thank you so much Sara for preparing the best food and for accommodating my gluten-free, cow milk free, vegetarian friend!!

Have you experienced dining with locals abroad before?

Eb x

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