Blogger Event: #Fellowesonthemove

Hey Guys,

Last Friday, I was invited to an exciting event:

Viking, the office supplies store, has teamed up with Fellowes with the introduction of the Sit-Stand Desk
Us bloggers were invited down to enjoy a healthy workshop event including a smoothie making activity, a "desk fitness" class and even a massage session! 

Keep reading for all the details from the day and to discover more about the Sit-Stand Desk!

image by Elouisa Gergiou

image by Elouisa Gergiou

We arrived to a warm welcome from the Viking and Fellowes team! A cup of mint tea and a healthy Graze box was just the thing I needed after a rainy journey across London. 
My favourites from the Graze box were the cocoa and vanilla protein flapjack and the cracking black pepper nuts!

The bloggers were split into three groups to move between the stations. I started off in the massage room ;) ... I promise I didn't bribe anyone, I think the universe knew how much I needed one!

image by Elouisa Gergiou

image by Elouisa Gergiou

The wonderful Kelly, from The Pamper Company, gave me an amazing neck and shoulder massage. I haven't been sleeping well recently and I've been working a lot of late nights, so Kelly had her work cut out for her, but she did an incredible job! We even had time to to work really deeply on my muscles and afterwards, I felt like a perfectly kneaded dough ball ready to prove! - nice GBBO reference there ;)

Next up - a smoothie making workshop! 

The guys from Mr Flavour had lots of fruit ready to be blended up into delicious, healthy smoothies and juices. 
I decided to disregard the set menu, veer off-road, and create an "Eboni". The Eboni was the best smoothie I tasted from the day and I believe the key to that was a dash of love and a sprinkle of positivity ;D 
But seriously, if you do want a recipe, I am v.sorry because I failed to write it down. However, I do remember a lot of berries, a bit of banana, some ginger and apple juice... 

image by Elouisa Gergiou
image by Elouisa Gergiou

Lastly, the grand finale - we were taken to meet the product of the moment, the Sit-Stand Desk!

The "Lotus" Workstation

Here are some stats for ya:

"Two hours of sitting cancels out 20 minutes of exercise"
"Prolonged sitting has been linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol" 
"Research shows a 46% increase in workplace productivity with use of standing desks" 
"You burn 30% more calories when you are standing rather than sitting" 

The Fellowes team expertly explained how many of us spend a lot of time sitting - whether at a work desk, on the commute to and from work or on the sofa in the evening. These prolonged levels of non-activity can lead to severe health-related problems such as obesity and high blood pressure. 

I love the idea of a more flexible workspace to allow my body to move with just the click of a button! The Sit-Stand Desks hope to put an end to a static work life and inspire creativity and better fitness levels. 

Speaking of fitness, we were treated to a short exercise class which included lot's of little moves we can incorporate into our daily lives to stay fit and toned. My fav's were the cheeky bum clenches, the neck stretches and the arm toning. 

image by Elouisa Gergiou

I won, I won!

Finally, we regrouped to debrief and hear who the winner of the Creative Tweet award was! 

-Spoiler Alert- it was me!

The kind team were so generous and I won a brand new Nutribullet! I have never had one before so I am super excited to give it a spin at home, recreating the "Eboni" from earlier!

Huge thank you to the lovely team behind the event, it was so fun and very informative!

Do you think your workplace would benefit from a Sit-Stand Desk solution?

Eb x

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