Chocolate Making Workshop with Red Letter Days

Homemade chocolate truffles

Hey Guys,

This week I had the pleasure of attending a tasty event courtesy of Red Letter Days UK. Be prepared for this drool-worthy post, enough to summon your inner chocolate-demon for a quick trip to the local supermarket!

Homemade chocolate martinis

We started the evening making chocolate vodka martini's, learning the "wagging the tail" technique to decorate the glass with melted dark chocolate. We worked as a table team to mix the ingredients and it came out so yummy! I was in charge of shaking the cocktail shaker and managed to splash a load of it all over my face :o ! Watch my latest vlog to watch it in real time! Despite my chocolatey mishap, it was the perfect start to a fun workshop! 

Chocolate making demonstration

Next up, we created our own large chocolate button! Our lovely host demonstrated first, showing us the best way to create a design, then we were let loose to make our own!

Homemade Chocolate heart shaping

I went for a classic heart shaped button. We were able to add a little flavouring of our choice, but I forgot (though it still tasted great according to my mum!) I decorated mine using dark chocolate...

Eboni's final chocolate heart

What do ya think?

Next up it was truffle time!

We truffle-shuffled our way back to the demo area to learn how to make a ganash using cream and melted dark chocolate (2 parts chocolate to 1 part cream). 

We created our own ganache then piped it into little bite-size pieces and left to set.

Chocolate ganache piped into truffle shapes

A glass of prosecco later, and it was time to roll and decorate our ganache balls! Using white chocolate curls, raspberry curls, honeycomb, salt and melted milk chocolate, we got to unleash our inner artist and get creative with flavour combinations and presentation. 

The whole evening was speckled with lots of interesting facts about chocolate, a chocolate tasting experience and lots of prosecco! 
It was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend for a fun couples activity, friends or even as a work activity! More information on how to book can be found here. Or if you're still not convinced, check out my vlog from the evening! 

Eb x

Homemade chocolate truffles

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