Pampered at Polished

Hey Guys,

We all need to take a little time out for some self-care every now and again. Be that a mental health break, or indulging in a Netflix marathon, "me" time can be so necessary. Last weekend was the chance for me to feel a little pampered as I head to Polished in Dulwich for a complimentary mani-pedi!

This girly paradise is set in cosy West Dulwich amongst lots of houses and a few other shops. The pink walls are totally instagrammable, and the reception area comes complete with a knicker tree (I didn't ask, so this remains a mystery to me haha!). 

A Mani-Pedi! 
I didn't think I'd ever be able to say those words outside of quoting a cheesy American teen movie! Yet, here I am, feeling like Elle Woods, feet soaking in a pool of warm water. 
My pedicure was everything you'd expect; a nail trim then warm foot soak, followed by a lil bit of buffing. I chose my red shade from a huge selection of Essie nail polishes. My manicurist Michelle did a great job of shaping and painting my toes.

I decided to go with the same shade of red (Bungle Jungle) for my hands. My manicure was perfect. My nails had just enough length to achieve a great shape, followed by a couple of coats of the christmassy polish. 

After some much needed cuticle oil, I was done!

I had a great experience at Polished. Thank you for having me, I can't wait to visit again!

Eb x

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