Ma Petite Jamaica, Camden

Hey Guys,

Last week I was treated to a wonderful meal, courtesy of Ma Petite Jamaica, a Caribbean-themed diner in the heart of Camden Town. I left the grey of London behind, in order to step inside the colourful, lively world of Ma Petite Jamaica...

Although we booked for 4pm, to avoid the evening rush, we still managed to arrive just in time to catch the last half an hour of a lively group party happening just a table away. There was music and joy filling the room, that gave me the idea that this would be a great place for a birthday celebration (not so much for the surrounding guests). Nethertheless, we didn't let the revellers stop us, and decided to order some drinks and starters...

We went for a plate of the BBQ Spare Ribs (£7.00) and a plate of 5 Jerk Wings (£9.50). They were generously portioned and absolutely delicious. 
There was no holding back when it came to the sauce - plenty of it and extremely tasty! I would say these two dishes were very similar, except the chicken wings were just a touch more spicy.

Jerk Wings
BBQ Spare Ribs
Two starters down and we were ready for our main courses! We ordered the Curried goat with rice n peas and fried plantain (£11.50) and the Brown stew chicken, basmati rice and coleslaw (£10.50). Both dishes came wonderfully presented and I was excited to dig in!
The brown stew was extremely tasty and moorish. I think the sauce was very similar to that used for the chicken wing starter, however, it tasted great and went well with the coleslaw and basmati rice. 
Unfortunately, although the curried goat tasted great, the dish was full of tiny, hard bones, which I have never experienced when eating curried goat before. This made it a little difficult to eat. Despite this, I still enjoyed the meal and loved the plantain. 

Curried Goat with rice n peas and plantain

Brown stew chicken, basmati rice and coleslaw

I loved my visit to Ma Petite Jamaica. As a Jamaican person myself, its great to see more commercial Caribbean restaurants popping up in London. I loved the warm, lively atmosphere of the space and would come back again to try something different from the menu!

Have you had Caribbean food before? What did you love most?

Eb x

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