My Skincare Fridge

My Skincare Fridge

Hey Guys,
Okay, confession; the number of products I have purchased after watching an LA beauty guru's YouTube channel, is racking up fast! From a coffee machine to merchandise and now, a skincare fridge! I have Alisha Marie and Miss Remi Ashten to blame for this spontaneous purchase. Although, in true Eboni fashion, I did pick mine up in a sweet deal made possible by a Christmas sale at Boots! I have since been filling it up with all the products that need refridgerating, or just feel that bit better when cold.
Side note - I love how cute it looks sat between some of my other room decor pieces. Almost as if it was made for my style! My rose quartz roller sits perfectly in my lil' fridge. It feels amazing to use in the morning to combat puffiness, or in the evening to massage my serums in. I am a huge fan of the Pixi under-eye patches. They feel incredible when cold, along with many other types of face masks. The fresh, self-preserving Lush face masks are required to be refridgerated when in use, and I much prefer them in my skincare fridge rather than taking space in my food fridge! I've even started making my own fresh face masks. I recently made my own coffee and sugar facial scrub which I store in the fridge to keep fresh.

I would definitely recommend a skincare fridge as a boujee present to yourself or something to pop on your birthday and Christmas lists. I know that they can be found online for between £20-£50 and although perhaps an excessive luxury, it is well used and loved!

Eb x

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