10 tips for a HAPPY Monday!

10 tips for a HAPPY Monday!

Haven’t you heard? Mondays are the new Fridays!
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Hey Guys,

If you are like me, Monday can sometimes feel like its own hump day! I don’t know what Wednesday is complaining about; Monday is so much further away from the next weekend! So here are a few of my tips to help get through a groggy start to the week!

The Night Before...

1. Give your room/flat/house a good clean/tidy on Sunday night so you wake up to a fresh room. No one likes waking up to a pig sty! I am guilty of leaving washing up over night or clean laundry on the drying rack days after it’s dry! Take a little time on Sunday to give your space a once over so that Monday morning is fresh and welcoming not smelly and off putting! Last Sunday I took it one step further and re arranged all my bedroom furniture, making more space in my room. When I woke up on Monday, it was almost as if I was waking up in a whole new room! It was fresh and tidy and I felt happy to wake up.

2. Plan something nice to wear. I like to plan outfits the night before, especially when I have an important or exciting day ahead. You can create a cool, fashion-forward look that looks amazing. Rather than rolling out of bed and having to stumble around, half asleep, trying to find something that mildly goes together, all you have to do is roll out of bed and stumble into that ‘totally FETCH’ outfit your past self set out last night!

3. Do something nice to your hair/nails on Sunday night. Sundays are great for pampering yourself. A lot of people wash their hair on Sunday so maybe you could watch a YouTube tutorial (or 2...) to get some inspo for that new ‘look’. Or try painting your nails ready for a week of pointing a hand posing so everyone gets a chance to see your great new nail art!

4. Make a nice packed lunch. You can use roast dinner leftovers to make a super sandwich or put together your own fruit medley. Having a packed lunch helps me to save money and to feel prepared. It’s also a good way to make sure you’re eating healthy, rather than grabbing something fast and processed from a shop.

The day...

5. Set Monday as takeaway night/cheat day. On the other hand, of course you are allowed to treat yourself once in a while. This one only applies to those of us on diets with “cheat days”. Monday could be that day. The day we all look forward to! Cheat day! The one day a week where you can be more flexible with healthy eating and treat yourself to naughty foods (within reason).  Setting Monday to “cheat day” could really make it a day to look forward to!

6. Message someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Monday is a new day of a new week. What better opportunity for a fresh start? Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Monday is a great day to make weekend plans, it’s just advanced enough that people may not have made plans yet, but also enough time to reschedule in case the plans fall through!

7. Start something new. Monday could be a great day to start a new hobby or activity. Netball, Yoga, Crafts, Book club, Cookery, Choir. All these things scream Monday evening club to me! And if you can’t find anything to join, why not invite a couple of friends over after work/school and bake and decorate cakes or a start a film club.

8. Get involved in a Monday evening TV series... or set Monday as a night to watch your fav Netflix/YouTube series. Monday TV can be really great as they know it’s a night a lot of people will be at home. Try and get into a series so that there is something good to look forward to when you get home. Back in the day, I think Ugly Betty was shown on Mondays. That was the BEST! If you can’t find anything you like, set Monday as a day to watch an episode from a good Netflix season. Self control is important here; try not to watch the whole series in one Monday night!


9. Post!! Monday= MAIL! That ASOS item you ordered late Friday night should totally be here by now! Or that magazine subscription should be here any moment! Or, most likely for me; that random and unnecessary EBay item you ordered at 3am on Thursday night could be here!

10. Lastly, the best tip for a bearable Monday? Don’t get wasted on Sunday night. Monday hangovers are a bitch!


Eb x

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