Why am I am Self-Sabotaging?

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I really enjoy practicing self-care. Like taking a day at home to have a long shower, followed by a spot of pampering. In fact, as I type this post, I am sat in front of the tv in a dressing gown, following a "stay-at-home" day. My face is smothered in a coffee scrub face mask and my hair is wrapped up in a hot oil treatment. I gave myself a much-needed pedicure last night and had my best friend over to watch a girly film and eat Japanese food. You'd think that I'd feel on cloud nine after such a wonderful 24 hours...
But I don't, and I'm not sure why.

Instagram Guide to...Cologne!

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Today, I have another Instagram/photography inspired post to inspire your travelling plans. This time, based in Cologne, Germany! You may notice from these shots, that the weather wasn't the best, so do excuse the cloudy skies, but I hope you have luck with the weather should you find yourself in Cologne!

25hours Hotel: The Circle, Cologne

Hey Guys,

It's been a little while since I last went away on a city break. After Paris and Amsterdam last summer, I was ready to get back on the Eurostar for another adventure! 
I last visited Germany in 2014, when I spent a few days in Berlin with a friend. This time, it was Cologne I would be visiting; home of the Hohenzollern Bridge, Kölner Dom and Wonder Waffles! I had such a wonderful stay at 25hours Hotel Paris, that it seemed like the natural place to call home whilst in Cologne. 
Our first night was kindly gifted in exchange for this blog post, however, we paid press rate for the final two nights.

9 Things to see, do and eat, in Amsterdam

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This summer, I spent a lot of my time travelling, trying to cram in a few more adventures before starting a new full-time job. Amsterdam was one of the places I ended up, and not for the first time. I have been to Amsterdam four times before, but this time was a little different; we were staying with and being shown around by a local! This meant that I had not visited many of these places before and I loved how I felt like a local myself by the end of the trip! So I thought I would share this list with you, and maybe you'll feel like a local too.

5 Things to Do in London Bridge

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Today's post is going to be another one based in my home city, London. I love sharing my London adventures with you and hope to inspire someone's visit! I have previously written about Covent Garden, Afternoon Tea on a London Bus, Self-drive boating and more!

I often find myself gravitating towards London Bridge and the Southbank when choosing places to hang out in London. I have put together this list of activities for those of you who are perhaps staying in a London Bridge hotel and want to find some local things to do and see. Also for you Londoners who are looking for a new area to explore! 

*The spending money was gifted by Hotels.com, but all views are my own.*

New in Homeware at TK Maxx

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Today's post is all about my recent trip to the brand-spanking new TK Maxx store on London's Oxford Street. I was kindly invited to explore the store and pick up a few items to show you! I am a huge homeware lover, shopping for home accessories at least a couple times a month. I especially enjoy picking up affordable items, and have even started a dedicated Instagram account for my finds!
TK Maxx is the perfect destination for great brands and products but for up to 60% less than the RRP price. I've been shopping here for years and keep coming back as the stock is constantly being replenished with new brands and products every week. So nothing is the same from one visit to another. I also love the selection of seasonal homeware at TK Maxx. They are well known for having an amazing selection at Halloween and Christmas, especially. 

A Cosy Stay at Point a. Kensington

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Last week, I was kindly invited to stay with Point a. Hotels for the second time! My last stay was at the Shoreditch branch, in East London. This time, it was the brand new Kensington Olympia hotel that I would be staying in. 
Set just a short walk from Earls Court underground station, Point a. Kensington is a small, boutique-esque hotel with a typical "Kensington" facade. As with all Point a. branches, this hotel is friendly and affordable.

25hours Hotel, Paris

Hey Guys,

Today, I am letting you into Paris' best kept secret - the incredible 25hours Hotel, Terminus Nord! I was kindly invited by the press team at 25 Hours, to stay for two days in Paris with my partner. The experience was wonderful and I have nothing but praise for this quirky hotel, situated directly on the doorstep of the Eurostar terminal.
We arrived around midday on a Tuesday afternoon. The Eurostar was affordable and convenient, taking us right from the centre of London, to the front door of our Hotel! We were able to check in straight away, despite arriving earlier than our check-in time and after being whisked up to the second floor via the top-to-bottom, gold mirrored elevator, we arrived at room 226 - our Parisian home.

An Instagram Guide to...Paris!

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Today's post is yet another edition of my "Instagram Guide to..." series. In the past, i have covered Portsmouth, Southampton, Covent Garden, Los Angeles and England! I recently got back from a wonderful Parisian adventure with my partner. He was such a trooper and doubled as my Paris date and photographer (I took some cute pics of him too!) 
Enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of some of the BEST must-see locations in Paris and take some inspo for pictures for your own trip! Stay tuned til the end for an additional list of places I wish we had time to visit, but did not. Unfortunately, we only stayed for two nights, so had to squeeze everything into three days, for which, I think we did pretty well!

Laser Hair Removal with Pulse Light Clinic

Hey Guys,

This week's post is a little different to my usual blog posts, however, I am excited to share this experience with you. Consider this our friendship initiation - I spill intimate details about me, whilst you listen?... 
This summer, I was invited by the team at Pulse Light Clinic, to choose a treatment to undergo as part of a complimentary press gift. After considering many of their treatments such as coolsculpting and chemical peels, I decided I would opt for laser hair removal. Pulse Light offer a variety of packages for different areas such as the legs, underarms and bikini line. I am currently on the 3rd treatment of my bikini line laser hair removal to help combat ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to target your ingrown hairs. My bikini line was something I've always been super aware of. I love spa days and beach days and feeling confident in front of my partner, so this seemed like the best decision for me. 
I know that body hair and body hair removal is extremely personal to each individual. I am someone who will usually shave my legs, armpits and bikini line. For the most part, my body reacts fine to shaving or hair removal cream, however my bikini line tends to become red and irritated due to the ingrown hairs. So not only will this treatment be cosmetically beneficial for me, but also medically. 

Afternoon Tea on a London Bus!

Hey Guys,

This month, I have been celebrating the lead-up to Afternoon Tea Week here in the UK. From climbing the highest mountain in England and tucking into High Tea at the peak, to a sweet afternoon tea on-board a traditional London Routemaster bus!

My Top 5 Photography Tips for Bloggers

Hey Guys,

Last week, I was invited by HP, to attend a photography workshop led by the brilliant Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography. Adam is an extremely talented landscape photographer with his own YouTube channel. He spoke to us about the difference between “snapshots” and “photographs” and even lent his expertise to us with his own top tips for great photography. I used what I had learnt from the workshop and created my own tips, specific to bloggers. So I hope you find this useful!
HP were very generous and I was able to walk away with a HP Pavillion 15 to use for the week! I was excited to head to Kew Gardens, to create some amazing content that I could then edit on the Pavillion. I edited all the images for this blog post using Lightroom on the Pavillion 15. It was perfect for keeping up with the demanding tasks without slowing down and the picture quality was extremely high! This is down to it's graphic options (up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050Ti graphics.) HP says: "These high-end graphics give your biggest, graphically demanding projects and multimedia experiences a boost in detail with 1080p and game without experiencing any slowdowns, hiccups, or stuttering."

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with HP. All images were edited using Lightroom Classic on the HP Pavilion 15 – a laptop boasting state-of-the-art NVIDIA technology that allows creators to perform at their best.*

High Tea on England's Highest Mountain

Hey Guys,

It is not everyday I am offered the chance to dine at the summit of England's highest mountain. In fact, it's never! So when an email popped into my inbox from NOVELTEA and The Florist, with an invite to do just that, how could I say no? I am an avid afternoon tea lover and have written many posts on my blog about different experiences I have had, but I can assure you, none will compare to this National Afternoon Tea Week adventure!

It was a Sunday morning when my best friend Naomi and I set off for Seascale, in the Lake District. Three trains from London Euston later, and we finally arrived to the Gosforth Hall Inn, a lovely hotel nestled in the small village of Gosforth, just at the base of Scafell Pike. We were to tackle Scafell the following day, so for this evening, it was down to the local for a Roast Dinner and to get to know the other invitee's!

6am on Monday morning seemed to roll around pretty swiftly. We packed up our kit; including essentials like boiled sweets, waterproof phone case and my vlogging camera (check out the vlog on my YouTube channel!) After a quick briefing from our wonderful guides from ...... and final toilet break, it was time to begin...
I wasn't really sure what to expect of the hike. I haven't been on a hike since 2015 in California and the weather was certainly miles from the LA sun! We were met with lots of rain that made sure the first hour or so was soaking wet. We pushed through, stopping every now and again to catch our breath and have a sip of water. My hotel breakfast (full English-why did I do that?) sloshed around in my stomach, insuring I had the trifecta of medical problems - funny tummy, shortness of breath and achy legs!
Although I believed whole-heartedly that I wouldn't make it to the top, I set aside my own negative thinking and pushed through to the peak. And it was so worth it! We were greeted onto the summit with a cup of warm NOVELTEA and a High Tea feast provided by The Florist team (yes they had carried this set-up all the way to the top!)

The Florist are celebrating their new Asian-inspired menu consisting of sushi, bao buns, popadoms, guacamole, donut bites and more!
All this washed down perfectly with the delicious alcoholic tea's from NOVELTEA. I really loved it warm like a tea and cold like a cocktail. My favourite flavour is probably the whiskey to have warm and the gin for cold. 

Huge thank you to NOVELTEA, The Florist and Twist Marketing for this unforgettable experience! Make sure to head down to your nearest The Florist restaurant to enjoy this amazing High Tea menu paired with NOVELTEA, for yourself!
Where is the most impressive place you have had High or Afternoon Tea?

Eb x

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer in London

Hey Guys, 

So just 24 hours ago, I was laying on top of the pink lilo that floated in the newly built 10-foot swimming pool that now resides in my garden. I bought this make-shift pool for £30 last year, as a result of the scorching temperatures we were experiencing in London. However… I am now watching said-pool in my garden, being smothered by rain drops from the storm that followed the 39º, perfect weather we had yesterday! 
I think that pretty much sums up London in summer; always keeping you on your toes. Hopefully these top tips of mine will help you survive your London summer!

*This post features a non-sponsored collaboration with Daisy London. They Kindly gifted me a couple of their lovely necklaces to feature in this blog post * 

5 Reasons Why I Love Brighton

Hey Guys,

Last weekend I decided to take some much needed time away from London with one of my best friends. We both agreed Brighton would be the perfect day away, to relax and unwind a bit. The weather was on our side, with 30º heat all day and bright skies. So with our train tickets in hand (less than £9.00 with our 26-30 railcards) we were off to the sea!

Celebrating Wedding Season with Pandora

Hey Guys,

Last week, I was invited along to a special event with Pandora. Myself and and a few other lovely bloggers gathered at the gorgeous Ivy Tower Bridge restaurant to celebrate the wedding gifts and bridesmaid's collections. We also had the lovely Katie, from London Calligraphy, with us to teach (or attempt to, in my case) writing in calligraphy - *spoiler alert* I was terrible!

Cocktails and Canapés with VIVI, London

Hey Guys,

Last week, my partner and I were invited for drinks and bar bites with VIVI. VIVI is a restaurant and bar based in Centre Point, just by Tottenham Court road station - the perfect location for post-shopping catch ups and cocktails! This large bar and restaurant combo features four distinct, and beautiful, sections which they call "VIVI Zones":

 VIVI Zones 
"VIVI has been cleverly zoned into four key spaces; The Dining Room, The Bar, The Gallery and Liquid Lounge each bringing a different character to suit your dining requirements."

This post is centred around the bar menu and all images were taken within the Liquid Lounge area. We booked a table for 3pm (I was trying to be clever and pick a less-busy time,  just after lunch and just before dinner). My plan worked! It was very quiet at this time, which I really liked! We had the entire Liquid Lounge to ourselves for about an hour, which was perfect for taking lots of pictures but also felt very intimate and peaceful.

Why Podcasts Are My New 'Thing'

Hey Guys,

I’ve really been loving podcasts recently. They make me laugh, the make me think, they keep me company on long journeys home, they drown out the sound of my thighs chafing - they’re great! I started off my podcasting journey just looking for audio books to play on my commute or to fall asleep to. I didn’t really find anything I liked. I was about to give up when I stumbled across these gems...
I thought I would share three of my favourites with you. And who knows, maybe one will tickle your fancy! 

Egyptian Street Food in London

Hey Guys,

I was recently invited by the team at Koshari Street, to come and try something from their menu. I love trying new food, especially dishes that derive from other counties and cultures, so was happy to pop along on a Friday lunchtime! 
I took my friend Shermin, who is vegan, as they have many vegan and vegetarian options - so I thought it would be great for her. We arrived around midday and couldn't wait to discover what "Koshari" really was...

Self-Drive Boating with Go Boat London

Hey Guys,

I was recently able to add a new key skill to my CV - “sailor”. Okay maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but the sentiment remains the same. Coincidentally, my email from Go Boat arrived just a day after I had watched the film Adrift (and cried) luckily for me, my experience was nothing like the movie Adrift...

I was kindly invited, along with 7 of my friends, to test drive a Go Boat, at their newest branch opening - Kingston upon Thames! I am not one to turn down an adventure, so I of course arranged a trip right away.