Hi, I am Eboni :)

Where do I start..... Hmm, well this is my first official proper blog! Hooray! (*insert confetti emoji*) 

I have been meaning to start something like this for a few years and I guess there is no time like the present! I wanted a space to share my thoughts, opinions, loves, hates and creativity. So this blog will consist of a few things; 
- Fashion
- Lifestyle
- Travel

I am super excited to get started, but I realise you know nothing about me, so here's my story (a nice little read for the tube... or toilet ... no judgments!)

Name: Eboni Dixon
Birthday: 2nd January
From: London
Occupation: Actress/ Singer/ Writer/ Theatre Usher/ full time dreamer.
Likes: Travelling, fairy lights, dogs, dolphins, flowers, scented candles, cooking/baking, singing, writing poetry, documentaries, Harry Potter.
Dislikes: Spiders, feeling tired, London trains at rush hour! rude people, raw cheese, single beds, sambuca. 

So, I grew up an only child with my mum. My dad passed away when I was super young so I had a Gilmore Girls kinda childhood (love that show!!) Though it wasn't as rose tinted as Stars Hollow! 

I went to lots of drama and singing clubs as a kid and when I finished my GCSE's, realised it was something I wanted to peruse as a career. So in 2008 I started at The Brit School in Croydon (you may have heard of the famous alumni...Adele, Jessie J, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Katy B, FKA Twigs, Ella Eyre, Arctic Monkeys, Rizzle Kicks.... to name a few!) I did Musical Theatre at Brit which was so so fun, & really where my passion lies! (I deffo need to do a post about my top 5 musicals for us to debate!) 

After Brit I took a year out (aka Gap Yahh) and got my first... Second... Third... & FORTH jobs! Build a Bear, The Young Vic, Accessorize and Claire's!! (Let's swap retail horror stories!) 

I then did three years at a drama school called Rose Bruford which was an interesting experience and saw my metaphorical big toe dipping in the vast sea of travel with an Erasmus trip to Barcelona! 

Since graduating, I have worked in Ukraine, Italy and California teaching and directing drama as a way of travelling and be creative. I had lots of adventures in 2015 and I will no doubt be doing a post about all the antics. 

I ended 2015 and welcomed 2016 with a role in a huge London Pantomime. Cinderella at the Lyric Hammersmith! I was singing and dancing in lots of the scenes as a member of the ensemble. I had the best time being part of a 5 star show and met some amazing people. Which brings me to today.....

At the mo, I am working as an actor, with my agent sending me for auditions now and again, creating content for my blog and creating videos for my YouTube channel...

Congratulations if you got through all of that! And I hope you feel like you know me better. If you enjoyed any part of that, I am hoping you will enjoy what I have to say on this blog!

I would love to get talking to you guys, so if you have ideas or thoughts/ suggestions, or just want to say hi, then I would love to hear! 

Twitter: @ebonidixon 

Instagram: @eboniivoryblog 

Facebook: eboniivoryblog

Peace out for now ✌️

Eb x

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