Things That Make Me Go “Eww!”

Hey Guys,

I have recently been writing quite a few Travel related posts, so thought I would balance it out with something a little sillier! 
Here is a list of 15 things that make me go “Eww!” I have no doubt that many of these will be relatable.
Let’s Go!

1. Squished food on the floor
Ok, so you know when someone has sadly dropped their fresh Big Mac on the pavement/ bus/train and left it, then someone comes behind and step/slides/stamps on it, leaving a smeared mess? Yeah- that. Eww
2. Pigeons who fly low 
Why pigeon, Why? Eww
3. People who cough without covering their mouths
There is no excuse for this unless you have no hands or you are without the use of your hands at that moment, in which case you do the closed-mouth cough! Everyone knows that! Eww!
4. Wearing wet socks
When you’re wearing socks and accidentally walk into the post-shower, soaking wet bathroom! Ewwww
5. Stepping in something gross on the street
Dog poop, snails, ^ that Big Mac... Eww
6. The smell of a fishmonger
Ewwwwwwwwwwww. But I like fish ya know. Tasty bit o’ Salmon or Cod. Mmm
7. Cigarette smoke blowing in my face
Get your filthy ash-stick away from me! Ewww. Rude. 
8. Really drunk humans
Silly staggering, public puking, knicker/pant flashing. Stop it! Ewww
9. Farts
I mean, I know it’s natural and all, but they don’t half smell! Ew
10. Raisins
Why you feel like sweet human skin between my teeth raisins? Why? Ew. 
11. Seahorse giving birth
Have you watched that YouTube video? Dat sh*t nasttyyy. Admirable, but nassttyyy. Eww
12. Spiders 
Go home Spiders! Ew
13. Out of tune singing
When I, or someone else does it, my eardrums are like “Eww”. 
14. People who enjoy popping spots
Why do you like this? And why do you then film it for me to unexpectedly find? Why? Eww. 
15. The sound of nail clippers clipping
Those silver clippers that clip clip clip toenails and the nail bits go flying! Everything associated with that image is just Ewww! 

Bonus “Eww”:
 The sound of chewing
Maybe this is my first, if not top 3 worst “Ew’s”. The sound of open-mouthed chewing... I’m shivering just typing this! EWWWWW. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!

Guys, I’m sorry if I have made your skin crawl or your hair stand on end. If you are cringing, it probably means you are not the culprit of any of these “Eww” moments. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about... Well then the chances are that you are an “Eww Committer”. Maybe you should go ahead and rethink some of your life decisions! :p
Let me know in the comments or via Twitter if you think I have missed off any or if you really agree with any!

Eb x

Back to the 00’s (Part 2)

Hey Guys,

So this post is a continuation of last week’s Back to the 00’s Part 1. I hope you enjoyed reading that one, and if you haven’t; what are you waiting for? Check it out here!

Are you back? Great! Let’s get going with part 2 of “Back to the 00’s”.

*(none of these images are my own)*

·       Gel Pens – Remember gel pens? Especially the ones that had scents that you would sniff and sniff until you gave yourself a headache and mild high...
·       Pencil Cases – Why did it matter so much what pencil case you had?? I went from Sabrina the Teenage Witch to Spice Girls to S Club 7. Always on the latest pen-transporting trend!
I loved my pencil case! They were a fashion statement. 
·       Packed Lunches- I always had school dinners but when we went on a school trip and I got to have a packed lunch it was the best thing! Like a surprise of the edible variety (the best variety). From cheese strings to tuna and mayo- I wasn’t fussy at all!
This packed lunch looks a lot healthier than a proper 00's meal box!
·       School Trips- I LOVED a good school trip to the local museum or as far as France. It was the traveller in me itching to get out and about and see the world! My favourite school trips were the ones out of London. E.g. Kingswood, France and Skiing in Switzerland. And let's admit; the coach journey was always the best bit!
Who remembers these types of activities? Our raft did not stay together like this! 

·       Disney Land; Do you remember when the first question upon arrival at your hotel wasn’t “What’s the WIFI Password?” I loved Disney Land more than anything in the world. It was/is a place where dreams come true, magic is real and there are literally no worries beyond what ride is next and when is the character parade? I’m so glad my mum took me so many times. I talk a lot about Disney land in my Travel post here.

·       Kit Kat Chunky- Back when chocolate was 35p, I remember when the Kit Kat Chunky came out and my mum was obsessed with it! I grew to love it too but I haven’t had one in ages! Maybe it was a noughties thing...

·       Bedroom Posters- I swear, my walls used to be invisible due to the amount of posters I had covering them! It was a significant time the day I decided to take them down. Like a sign of maturity and growing up!

·       Old Skool Mobile Phones- Can’t you just hear the nostalgic sound of a nokia 3310 ringing away. Longer battery life, Snake, one button=three letters. Why did we get rid of brick phones? Oh yeah... the internet. But still, it was a great time to be alive, in a world where ‘Whatsapp’ was an informal greeting and ‘Angry Birds’ was the local pissed-off pigeon. I honestly think everything from business to dating have been impacted both positively and negatively since the birth of the Smartphone.

Guys, please tell me I’m not alone in all of this! Let me know in the comments or via Twitter what you remember about the 90’s and do you relate to any of mine?

See ya on the flip side, I’m Outie!! (Lizzie McGuire Quote XD )

Eb x

Things That Make Me Go “Yaass!”

Hey Guys,

I am guilty of using (and probably overusing) the popular phrase “YAASS!” I love using it with my friends in a semi-ironic way. It usually pops out all on its own at a moment of great excitement or happiness.
Here is a list of 10 things that make me go “YAASS!” 

1. Watching a singer SLAAYYY a live performance- Yaass Beyonce, Yaass Nicki, Yaass Adele. The Australian Eurovision singer... YAASS! 

2. Finding and buying sale items- That bargain shopper feeling! YAASS! 

3. When your food arrives in a restaurant and it looks BOMB! –YAASS, get in my mouthhh. Now. 

4. When someone suggests an unplanned trip to Nandos- “OMG Yaass! I haven’t been in like 2 whole days!” 

5. When someone announces some good news-Yaass girlll slaayy life!

6. When your favourite food is reduced in the supermarket- All the YAASS!

7. When you get some mail you have been waiting for – OMG that Ebay item I ordered like a month ago finally made it from China. Yaasss! 
8. When you cook a BOOM meal all by yourself that you didn’t even think would taste good! YAASS! I’m so baad! 
9. When you a bit turnt at the party and the DJ drops a BANGERR- Yaasss DJ, Yasss! “All my women, who independentt...” 

10. When you see a sexy guy on TV/ in real life/ in general! –Turning to your bff/gal pal/gbf “Yaasss! Girl, he foiinee!” 

Haha, I hope most of those were relatable! I’m pretty sure I wrote all of those down with a sassy American accent in my head!

Let me know what makes you say “Yaass!”

Tweet me: @ebonidixon

Eb x

Recent Purchases

Hey Guys,

This is just a lil' photo album update on some of the new things I have found and purchased ready for the Spring/Summer months. Hope you enjoy this glimpse into my wardrobe! 

Silver Arm Cuff:H&M
Silver Necklace:Primark SALE
Rose Gold Watch:Ebay
White Ceramic Dish:Tiger

Feather Ring: Topshop
Daisy Hair Flower: Claires
Rose Gold Watch: Ebay

Dusty Pink Fedora Hat: Primark SALE
White Long-Sleeve Bardot: New Look SALE

Ripped Jeans: H&M

Which was your favourite look? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter!

Eb x

Homeware Haul!

Hey Guys,

I recently had a little splurge on some homeware bits for the lead up to Summer! I am a Capricorn and we Caps supposedly love change! That is certainly true for me as I love to constantly update and refresh my living space. 
Next week, I am heading to IKEA with a couple of friends, so I am posting this as a little taster before a MAJOR haul!! Exciting! 
As you know, I am a self-proclaimed Bargain Queen, so many of these items are most definitely Bargain Finds

Lavender Plant: £2.50 (Lidl)
Scented Candle: £1.00 (Primark Tottenham Court road SALE)
Silver Photo Frame £1.00 (Poundland)
Lamp: £14.00 (Store Twenty One SALE)

Brass Tray: £1.00 (Snooper's Paradise, Brighton)
Glass Tealight Holder: £1 (Tiger)
Fairy Lights: (Tiger)
David Bowie Post Card: £1 (by Artist Naomi Anderson-Subryan) -My BFF!
Shells and Pebble: Free! (Brighton Beach)

Ceramic Candle Holder (That I am using as a jewellery dish): £1 (Tiger)

Heart-Shaped, Perspex Cosmetic Holder: £1 (Poundland)

Reed Diffuser: £1.00 (Primark)

What was your favourite item? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter! 

Eb x

Back to the 00’s (Part 1)

Hey Guys,

So I was feeling pretty nostalgic after a great Twitter chat last Sunday. The chat was by @BloggerBees and hosted by Emma (@unf4bul0us). The theme of the chat was ‘Childhood Memories’. So we were reminiscing about a lot; from the music of the 90s, to the best must-have toys!

All of this talk of Spice Girls and Pokémon gave me serious Noughties-Lust (yeah I made that up!) so I decided to spend my May Bank Holiday reminiscing about some of the things that made my childhood great!

(Some of these images are not mine)

·       Spice Girls- The 90s answer to Little Mix, the original Girl Power band. I don’t know anyone who didn’t like the Spice Girls! Who did you want to be? I was obsessed with being Baby Spice. I wanted long, straight blonde hair for some reason! I remember all the novelty and collectible SPICE toys and games. I even had the bed sheets and wallpaper! To this day, I still have a load of unused party accessories like paper plates and bunting. 25th Birthday plans?..Hmm ;)
A selection from my Spice Girl's collection

·       S Club 7- I loved S Club and even more so, S Club Juniors! I wanted to be Rachel Stevens :p . I really loved all their music and can still listen to it now and bust out a few of the routines I spent hours learning in my room. And let’s not forget about their endless TV shows and films!
S Club 7

·       Pop Party CD’s- Those compilation CD’s were amazing! A good mixture of the top hits of the year all on one disc! Perfect. And perfect to play when you’re feeling nostaligic. Question: Who did let the dogs out?
Pop Party 1

·       Children’s TV- OK, I don’t think it can be argued that 90’s Disney Channel was WAYYYY better than 2016 Disney Channel! They should totally create a ‘Throwback Disney” channel just showing all the best. Eg. That’s So Raven, Recess, Even Stevens, Two of a Kind, Lizzie McGuire. Not to mention Nickelodeon’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sister Sister, The Amanda show, The Wild Thornberry’s and CBBC’s The Queens Nose, The Worst Witch, Bernards watch and the BADDEST BITCH; Tracy Beaker!!! <<< Maan I miss those days!
Disney Classics
·       Mary-Kate and Ashley films/tv shows- I do think that it’s mainly girls who will relate to this one, but I used to  (and still do) LOVE a bit of MK & A. Once I got over the fact it was two girls, not three (am I right?!) I fell in love with them and could spend an entire Sunday back-to-backing Passport to Paris, Switching Goals, Holiday in the Sun and New York Minute. I am not shy to admit I have all 3 of the So Little Time TV show DVDs and most of their book series’, naturally.
Mary-Kate and Ashley
·       Harry Potter- Need I say more? Didn’t think so. PS, moment of silence for Neville Longbottom's hottness! 

·       Weekend TV- So you’ve just had your roast dinner and the fam are settled in front of the box for a good old episode of Gladiators or Fort Boyard. The Price is Right, Catchphrase and Supermarket sweep were some of the best game shows to get stuck into. Not to mention the highs and lows of Who Wants to be a Millionare!
Also, who remember Saturday afternoon TV? Charmed, Daria and The Tribe? Those were the days!
The Tribe (Old Channel 5 show)
·       Old PC games- I wasn’t a Sims kid, but hats off to those of you that were. When I played it at friend’s houses, it was pretty fun! I was more of a gaming girl, I had this Arthur (the aardvark) game which I was obsessed with! Along with some other learning-type games. The CBBC website always provided great games. My favourite was one based on Nev the Bear from Smile (who remembers that show :o with Barney and Rochelle from Sclub8).
But let’s also not forget the good old built-in game ‘checkers’, ‘solitaire’ and             ‘minesweeper’ (ps. How the hell did you play that game? Am I the only one who just      clicked it randomly until something happened?)
Damn this game!
·      Game Boy- Ahhhh back when I was a proper gamer! Pokémon Gold, Rally Racer and Mary-Kate and Ashley Riding School; what a time to be alive! I loved playing all of those and occasionally whip out my purple, see-through game boy and try to play Pokémon Gold, only to realise I am stuck on the same bit I have been stuck on for the past 15 years!
I have this one!
·       Top Trumps- When I was in year 4/5, my whole year group had an obsession with playing Top Trumps at break times. The most popular were Lord of the Rings and Simpsons. We would play forever. To this day, I have about 6 packs of Top Trumps that I am trying to find a way to turn them into a drinking game... hmm...
Popular kids had this one...(I had Harry Potter...)
·       My Secret Diary- I am sure every girl had a bright pink (maybe fluffy) ‘Secret Diary’ that had a lock and you would use for maybe the first week you had it and then just reverted to writing random stuff in it! I have many of these and it is hilarious to read through them and see what 12 year-old Eboni thought about the cutest guy in school and which best friend pissed me off!

"That's why her hair's so big, it's full of secret diaries"
Guys, please tell me I’m not alone in all of this! Let me know in the comments or via Twitter what you remember about the 90’s and do you relate to any of mine?
That’s the end of Part One. I hope you enjoyed it! Next week I will be continuing the throwback theme and get to all things noughties in School and Life; I’m talking brick phones, Disney Land and School Trips!

See ya on the flip side, I’m Outie!! (Lizzie McGuire Quote XD )

Eb x

A Day in Brighton!

Hey Guys,

So last week I had such a fun trip to Brighton with my friends Naomi and Alice. It was a pretty spontaneous trip. I had the idea to get out of London somehow and after binge watching Zoella’s vlogs, I decided Brighton could be a really lovely day trip! I haven’t been to Brighton since around 2010, when my first boyfriend lived there for Uni. I used to visit almost every other week! It felt nostalgic but also great to be back in the little town by the sea, creating new and longer lasting memories with my gal pals.
Here is a round-up diary style blog post about what we got up to. If you are thinking of a day out of London or even a trip from farther away, I hope this post will provide you with some inspo or even some nostalgia if you may have visited before!
I’ve labelled each section so you can see what it’s about and skip along if you wish (this is a long ‘un)
OK, let’s go!

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

10am –The journey begins
Was up fairly early to try and make the most of this beaauutt weather! *Emoji heart-eyes face!* The sun was shining brightly as I made my way to London Bridge station to meet the girls. I was last to arrive (as usual) sigh, but it was lovely to see everyone and how excited we all were!
The train took about an hour, and after watching the cityscape view evolve into the beautiful countryside, we arrived safely at Brighton Station.

11am- Priorites!
The fresh sea air literally hits you as soon as you exit the station. Perhaps a local may be accustomed to the salty whiff; however our foreign noses revelled in this new and refreshing smell that brought back so many memories of near and distant memories.
We made our way down the main hill leading to the station in search of a snack for Naomi and a bathroom for Alice! We found our way into Holland and Barrett’s to pick up a snack and then Waterstone’s bookshop to cheekily use the 4th floor cafe loo!

11.30am- Homesense
Snack                    √
Bathroom stop   √
Onto the main event; Shopping, Sea and Sun!
First thing I noticed was a large Homesense on a corner. Now, I only know about this store because of Zoella (there is only one in London and I live on the other side of the city) so I was very intrigued to check it out! I hadn’t realised how closely related Homesense and TKMaxx were. They are owned by the same company and extremely similar. Homsense is basically a homeware-only version of TKMaxx (the best bit of TKMaxx if you ask me!)
We had a loonnngg rummage through every single department and toyed with buying so many things! Only thing stopping me from buying everything I saw was the thought of having to carry it around for the rest of the day L
I managed to grab myself a wooden chopping board. I know, I know “why would she get that?” but hear me out. So I thought it would be a nice idea as a serving board/platter for cheese and bread and nibbles etc when I have guests over. Kinda rustic and homely. Haha, I’ll post a picture of it when I get to use it to show you what I mean.
Anyywayy, after an hour of browsing, we all made our purchases and decided to head out to the infamous “Lanes” for some shopping and a meal.

12:30pm- Sweets!!
The Lanes were easy to find. They were very European-style, narrow, winding streets of cute little shops, boutiques and restaurants. We found ourselves in a sweet shop (oh I wonder how that happened? Not my fault!) It happened to be the same one that featured in a recent Zoella vlog with her pal Mark Ferris. I remember it because they were making this joke about ‘Diablo’.... (Btw, you will realise throughout this diary that our Brighton journey seems to echo a lot of Zoella’s videos! Not even on purpose because I have no idea where we were at every given moment! It was fun getting lost though)
The sweetie shop was really old school and traditional. It smelt amazing but because we were quite hungry, it was super hard to restrict ourselves! So we decided to get a proper meal and do sweets later.
Sweetie Shop!
1pm- Mexican Lunch and Cocktails
A few more shops along, past the alluring Blackbird Tea rooms, we spotted a “2-4-1 Mexican” sign and were immediately sold! Basically, among our group there is 1 vegetairan, 1 pescatarian, 1 gluten free and 2 dairy free (none of which apply to me haha) so it can be hard to find a place we can all eat, but the ‘Dos Sombreros’ menu seemed to cater for us all nicely!
The menu
Naomi and I ordered cocktails at two for £11.95. We decided on a “Mexican Woo Woo” which was SO tasty and pretty strong! We were nice a tipsy for the arrival of the main. 
The "Mexican Woo Woo"
The portions were nice and big. I went for an Beef Enchilada, while Naomi went for a packed Burrito and Alice some stuffed peppers. We all had the sweet potato fries on the side which were fantastic. I feel like sweet potato fries are always hit and miss depending on where you are eating; but these were yum!

My Chilli Con Carne Enchilada
After stuffing ourselves, we head off to continue our journey around the Lanes.

2.30pm- Shops and Shocks
Ok, so I love all of those small, gifty type boutiques that you get everywhere. I think they are full of great little gifts and fun presents for family, friends and yourself! From funky fairy lights to quirky colouring books, these shops have you covered! Rant: My only problem with these places are how overpriced everything is. Even though I saw those flamingo sunglasses in Primark for a pound, I have to purchase them for £8 from you? Or those fun mugs that are all over Pinterest are priced at £15 here? Maybe I am just really stingy but I always feel like these places are only really for people who can afford a larger budget for novelty birthday pressies that may only be used once...
This is why I love Tiger! Tiger is one of my favourite shops ever for everything! From kids a toy to kitchenware, this shop has it all covered and the Brighton branch certainly didn’t disappoint! I managed to pick up a really cool table dish for throwing jewellery and bobby pins etc.

2.45pm- I can See the Sea!
We finally made it down the the beach for a well earned sit down and chat whilst the waves created a wonderful soundtrack to our rock hunting...
I decided to create my own rock “collection” to take home, so Alice and Naomi would present rocks to me and I had to accept or reject them like some kind of beachy next top model!
My new friend "Rocky"

3.15pm- Afternoon Tea
It was a little chilly by the sea, so after a while of sniffing and dodging seagull poop, we decided to head off to find our next tourist landmark-the Pavilion. Of course, the shops en-route weren’t left untouched as we found Lush! I even bagged myself a free hand massage from one of the nice staff members as we talked all things rose scented and unicorn horns!
Lush; If only you could smell the screen!
We found the Pavilion and had a walk through the little park opposite. 

Alice is another avid herbal tea drinker so we decided to find a cafe for something to help digest the settling Mexican.

We stumbled across the Brighton Theatre and the built in cafe. The alfresco seating was super cute so we ordered and sipped whilst watching the shoppers and students. There was also a street performer who created huge bubbles with some long sticks and ropes which turned out to be fairly entertaining to watch!

4.30pm-Photobooths and Vintage Shops
We decided to try and locate the North Laines, as it is full of cool vintage shops and also a photobooth place that I had read about online and seen in another of Zoella’s vlogs. I thought it would be cute as a little memory of the day. As we wandered around the North Laines, the retro stores and vintage boutiques were all slowly closing. We found our way to Snoopers Paradise and had a really nice rummage around. Snoopers Paradise is a large market-style store with lots of different sections. There were a few clothing areas but it was mainly full of bric-a-brac, tins, pins and vintage things! I managed to find a sale section (bargain queen as always) and picked up a copper coloured tray. It was super shiny on the bottom, but the top was faded and matte with a little rust spot. But at only £1, I thought I could take it home and spruce it up! I had seen these on blogs/Instagram before and really liked the look of them as a tray to toss little bits on. (Since this trip, I have spruced it up so will take a nice photo and leave it here:

We also had a go in the photobooth at £3 for four poses. We darnt use the straggly, lice-ridden props and wigs so we just played around with our own sunglasses.
(Rant: Why do these photobooths always catch you off guard?! Like you’re ready and posing, but as soon as you turn to say “I wonder when the pictures will start tak-“ SNAP! Greaatt, got one of me mid talking, and it certainly doesn’t look like a cute ‘model in the middle of a sentence’ pose.... Rant over.)

5.30pm- Shopping Spree (well, attempted shopping spree!)
We decided to make the shopping centre our final stop before heading back to London. But as we wandered through the cemtre, past the half-closed shutters and tidy stores, we slowly began to realise that the shops were all closing for the day! At SIX PM!!?? Whaattt?? This would never happen in London we all gasped! Haha! We soon realised that there would be no point actually going into any shops as we wouldn’t be able to look without feeling rushed so we headed to the outdoor shops hoping they may open later.
We were correct, by half an hour! I trawled the rails of the New Look sale and managed to find a lot of bargains which I modelled for the girls who were ‘resting their legs’ on the comfy changing room sofas. I decided to buy a white, long sleeve bardot top (I only have cropped short ones at the moment but love the idea of wearing it in summer!) and a Christmas jumper. I know, I am waayyy off, but it was so cute I couldn’t resist! It is a super soft black jumper with two Christmas puddings on the boobie sections! Alice wasn’t sure if I knew that the pudding placement looked like boobies, so she tried to tactfully tell me. Little did she know, I LOVED the boobie placement! Haha.

6.30pm- Home Time
After a little look through M&S as a time filler, we slowly made our way back up to Brighton station. We were well and truly pooped out! Lots of walking and lot’s of laughing led to three tired girls.
The hour and twenty minutes passed by as we watched the sunset from the train window whilst reminiscing about our day and began planning our next adventure! I think the word IKEA was tossed about which sounds like so much fun! Stay tuned for that!

Has this post inspired you for a UK Daytrip? Let me known in the comments or via Twitter

Eb x