5 Reasons Bloggers Love Twitter

5 Reasons Bloggers Love Twitter

Hey Guys,

I have put together a short list of why I love using Twitter! Since I started blogging in February 2016, I have found that Twitter is my favourite social media tool when it comes to blogging and connecting. If you have a blog, or are thinking of starting one, this list will hopefully inspire you to get your Twitter game on point, or remind you why you love it so much! 

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Lets Go!

5 Reasons Bloggers Love Twitter:

1. Networking/ Discovering new blogs
I love being able to connect with other bloggers and creative people on Twitter. It is here where I also come across some cool blog posts and new Bloggers who use certain networking hashtags such as "#TheGirlGang" or "#BBloggers" and "#BloggingGals". Using hashtags is a great way to discover new reading material. There are also "Retweeting Accounts" dedicated to retweeting Tweets by people who have "Tagged" (@'d) them! 
Let's also not forget how great Twitter is for Bloggers to connect with brands and create relationships that can potentially lead to collaborations. I have approached and been approached by brands on Twitter, which has generally always led to positive growth for my blog. For example, Pinkberry recently messaged me on Twitter to attend their launch party in London. It was a fab event and all thanks to Twitter! (You can read about the fro-yo party here.)

2. Twitter Chats
I must admit, I have never set an alarm to attend a Twitter Chat/Discussion or completely know when or who is hosting. However, I have now joined in three Twitter chats that I have just seen are happening on my news feed- and they have all been fabulous! 

"A Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag. This hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it. Twitter chats are usually recurring and on specific topics to regularly connect people with these interests."

The chats I have been involved in have always been with fellow bloggers and we have set topics from "90s Babies" to "Social Media and Blogging". These chats usually happen once a week and are "hosted" by a blogger who takeover the chat account and set the questions. 

It is a perfect way to network and connect with like-minded bloggers who are generally lovely, creative and funny! It can also be super informative and you can receive and share your top tips about loads of things! Lastly, it is a great way to yet again discover new blogs to read and also gain yourself some lovely new followers!

Check out these accounts for regular Twitter chats and get involved! 

3. Competitions
I lovveee  good Twitter competition! I have actually been really successful when it comes to winning. I have won a mascara from Soap & Glory, a bucket of chicken from KFC and tickets to a theatre's Press Night :) These competitions are usually hosted by companies looking to boost their following and presence. But recently, a trend that goes by the hashtag #FreebieFriday where it gets a little crazy with Twitter competitions for free goodies and prizes! Check it out! 

4. Publicity/Marketing for your own Blog
As I mentioned earlier, Twitter is a great way to discover new blogs and Bloggers, but this also works the other way and can be a great marketing tool for your own blog! By using the correct hashtags and retweeting accounts, you could boost your own blog loads. You can also promote older posts from your blog to keep readers interested between newer posts or to try and gain the attention of new readers
Twitter has also recently launched a new "Analytics" feature for you to keep track of how well your posts are connecting with your followers. From how many people see your Tweet to how many people actually click on it! It is a great new feature for Bloggers to use and the figures you get can even be added to your Press Pack for an even more in-depth view of your social media presence

5. Free!
Last but not least... All of these features and tools are completely free! It is free to use Twitter and I think this is possibly the best thing! As long as your content is great and you are an active user, Twitter could quite literally change the life of Blogger, and all for the low low price of £0.00! That is incredible

Hope you enjoyed this post :) Leave me a comment if you think I've missed anything out or really agree with anything! 
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  1. I loved this post! It is very true, twitter is my favorite social media, because it's so quick and easy to use, and you can connect with so many people :) I really like your blog Eboni, lots of love Marina xx

  2. I mus admit since I opened Twitter my viewers number had grown a lot :) Great post x



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