Impulse Island with Charli XCX

Impulse Island with Charli XCX

Hey Guys,

So a few weeks ago I received an exciting email from Impulse Fragrances regarding a competition I had completely forgotten I entered! I had won 2 VIP tickets to watch Charli XCX perform on Impulse Island! Which meant travel and accommodation was provided for me and my guest, plus hair and makeup!

I was super excited and invited my best friend Naomi. I have seen Charli XCX perform before at G-A-Y in London a couple of years ago and so I was looking forward to this event a lot!

Here is a photo diary of my time on the Island! I hope you enjoy!

As soon as we arrived to the coach station at Westfields Stratford, we were treated to goodie bags FULL of amazing products!

The event was on Osea Island, located just off the coast of Essex. It was a coach ride and boat ride to get to. This is the boat port. Look at the clouds! It was a bad sign for the weather!
A rainy boat trip to the island!
The entrance banner!
Once we arrived onto the island, we were given fooood!! Scampi and chips...! 
...Followed by a cheeky glass of prosecco ;)
Fun pool! Bit cold for a swim though!
Everywhere was beautifully decorated! Lot's of fun things hanging from the trees 
First stop: Getting my hair done!
Next stop: Glitter face paint!!!
We made some fresh flower hair garlands! They were so beautiful but only last about a day! 
Naomi and I modeling our fresh-flower crowns!
Thats me casually rolling through Charli XCX's Snapchat story!!!
The finale "Boom Clap" + ALLL the confetti in the world! This was an epic moment!
All that work on my hair went to waste as the weather decided my afro was best! Here I am posing on the stage post-concert! 
2nd OOTD

This is the little building where we had prosecco and breakfast the next day!
Our cottage was called Puffin Burrow!

So cute!
The bathroom situation was pretty cool...
...It had one of those baths!
The bedrooms had 4 poster beds! So dreamy!

Lots of bikes! This would have been fun if we were here longer than a day!
We found a pretty lake behind our cottage with a cute little lake hut thingy. 
The sun decided to come out the next day! Typical!
Lake view :)
Yummy breakfast!!!

The End!

Hope you enjoyed my Impulse Island round up! Was such a fun experience. Thanks Impulse and Kiss!

Eb x

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